This LEGO Classic Creative Monkey Fun Set Offers the Minifigure Pieces That You Need

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Time for some serious monkey fun with this next LEGO Classic set. Scheduled to arrive next month, the LEGO Classic Creative Monkey Fun (11031) set is the perfect gift for your budding LEGO builder. But a closer look at the set also offers several interesting pieces that add a dash of LEGO humor for your next brick-built vignette.

This 135-piece set actually comes with several pieces that are great for any fun and playful creations. I’m particularly interested in the banana minifigure pieces that go with it, plus the various printed round tiles that serve as miniature eyes for these foursome mischiefs. And like the recently revealed LEGO DOTS collection for 2023, this playful rendition also offers a lot of opportunities to add some bit of fun and playfulness to any MOC.

Like other new LEGO themes recently revealed, this latest LEGO Classic set is expected to be released on January 1, 2023. Read for more details and check out its official images below.

LEGO Classic Creative Monkey Fun (11031)

135 pieces | $9.99

LEGO® Classic Creative Monkey Fun (11031) is bursting with build-and-play monkey mischief that introduces kids aged 5+ to the joys of creative construction.

A jungle of fun for kids to explore
Kids create 4 cute monkeys in a design of their choice using an assortment of bricks, new-for-2023 eye decorations, and smile/frown tiles. With jointed, adjustable arms, grabbing hands, and rotatable, gripping tails, the monkeys can get up to all kinds of imaginative fun – holding hands, hanging from the tree, stealing bananas, teasing birds – all while boosting kids’ fine motor skills and creative confidence. As well as a step-by-step, pictorial building guide, the LEGO Builder app includes a digital version of the set’s building instructions.

Great for all the family
LEGO Classic 5+ toys put ideas and inspiration into kids’ hands and provide a perfect opportunity for adults to share building fun and developmental milestones with their children.

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