All LEGO DOTS Harry Potter Sets Official Images Released

LEGO DOTS Harry Potter Sets

A couple of days ago, we saw the official images of the first LEGO DOTS set that tie-ins with the Harry Potter franchise. And today, we get to see the full range of LEGO DOTS Harry Potter sets comprising two additional sets that give the Wizarding World of Harry Potter a beautiful, wearable LEGO twist.

And though that it is unfortunate that the LEGO DOTS theme is about to come to an end, its is still nice to see that this theme is getting several licensed sets for LEGO Harry Potter fans to enjoy. I’m not sure if there are more LEGO DOTS sets to be revealed anytime soon before its final curtain call, but I’ll keep you posted once more information comes in.

For the meantime, let’s take a look at these LEGO DOTS Harry Potter official set images and see what we can expect from them.


Hogwarts Accessories Pack (41808)

234 pieces | US$14.99

LEGO DOTS Harry Potter Sets


Hedwig Pencil Holder (41809)

518 pieces | US$19.99

LEGO DOTS Harry Potter Sets


Hogwarts Desktop Kit (41811)

856 pieces | $44.99   

LEGO DOTS Harry Potter Sets


As of this posting, we are waiting for these sets to be listed at But since their official images were released already in the wild, we can expect their offical reveal at LEGO’s home shopping portal anytime soon.

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