More LEGO City Stuntz 2023 Slated for March Release

LEGO City Stuntz 2023

Happy New Year everyone! And as updated its shopping portal with all new LEGO January 2023 sets, several new sets were also included that were not previously listed. If you head over to their regional sites, you’ll see that more LEGO City Stuntz 2023 sets are to be expected this coming March.

These 4 new LEGO City Stuntz 2023 sets currently include daredevil challenges that combine to put on a heck of a show. The cool part is that it also has play features and games that add more fun to these sets.

Check out these official images and product descriptions for more details.


Stunt Truck & Ring of Fire Challenge (60357)

479 pieces | Includes 3 minifigures | $59.99

Bring the show to town with the LEGO® City Stunt Truck & Ring of Fire Challenge (60357). This action-toy playset for ages 6+ includes a cool truck with fiery exhaust stacks and a flatbed trailer with a fold-down launch ramp and 3 adjustable rings of fire. Just add the flywheel-powered stunt motorcycle, truck driver and 2 Stuntz rider minifigures for hours of action-packed play.

LEGO City Stuntz 2023 60357 alt1 60357 alt7


Dunk Stunt Ramp Challenge (60359)

144 pieces | Includes 1 minifigure } $21.99

Hours of awesome stunt displays and competitions await with the LEGO® City Dunk Stunt Ramp Challenge (60359) toy playset. Kids position the jump ring in a vertical or horizontal position, power up the stunt bike and launch from the ramp to perform action-packed stunts. The set includes a LEGO City Stuntz rider.

LEGO City Stuntz 2023 60359 alt1 60359 alt7


Spinning Stunt Challenge (60360)

117 pieces | Includes 2 minifigures | $39.99

Kids aged 6+ can stage exciting shows, games and competitions with this LEGO® City Spinning Stunt Challenge (60360) toy playset, featuring a spinnable double jump ring, 2 ramps and 2 flywheel-powered stunt bikes. Just add the 2 LEGO City Stuntz motorcycle riders and let the fun begin.

LEGO City Stuntz 2023 60360 alt1 60360 alt7


Ultimate Stunt Riders Challenge (60361)

385 pieces | Includes 4 minifigures | $99.99

Hours of action-packed fun await with the LEGO® City Ultimate Stunt Riders Challenge (60361). This triple-feature 7+ set comes with 2 toy stunt motorcycles and 3 combinable stunt apparatus, including a 360° loop, a ring of fire and a fun ‘alien tower’ challenge. Kids can put their skills to the test, stage epic shows and compete with friends and family to take the winner’s trophy.

LEGO City Stuntz 2023 60361 alt1 60361 alt9

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