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After the release of LEGO’s first digital catalog of the year showing a barrage of new LEGO Creator 3-in-1 March 2023 sets, it’s great to see that LEGO has also updated its online shopping portal to include the official images and product descriptions of these sets.

Fans of the LEGO Creator subtheme can expect a total of 7 sets this March, representing its usual diverse selection of interchangeable animal builds mobile homes and vehicles.

You may head over to by clicking on the following affiliate links, and add them to your wishlist so you can be notified once they are up on March 1st.

Space Shuttle (31134)

144 pieces | $9.99

Space adventurers aged 6+ can enjoy thrilling intergalactic action with this LEGO® Creator 3in1 Space Shuttle (31134) playset. It features a Space Shuttle toy with an opening hatch that contains a satellite on an extendable arm. The satellite can also be detached for extra fun.

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Vintage Motorcycle (31135)

128 pieces | $14.99

Kids and lovers of cool vehicles aged 8+ can enjoy countless hours of racing action with this brilliant LEGO® Creator 3in1 Vintage Motorcycle (31135) playset. The classic toy motorcycle features handlebars, a moving front wheel, headlights, a large exhaust and a kickstand for display.

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Exotic Parrot (31136)

253 pieces | $19.99

Little builders and passionate animal fans aged 7+ can travel deep into the rainforest for action-packed stories with this LEGO® Creator 3in1 Exotic Parrot (31136) building set. It features a colorful parrot that can fully rotate its body while sitting on a tree branch and move its wings and tail.

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Adorable Dogs (31137)

475 pieces | $29.99

Dog-lovers and kids aged 7+ can enjoy fun playtimes with a selection of cute breeds in this LEGO® Creator 3in1 Adorable Dogs (31137) building set. It features a beagle, a poodle and a Labrador with posable heads, tails and ears, plus accessories including a food bowl, brush, toy rabbit, ball and dog-walking leash to add extra fun to kids’ make-believe stories.

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Beach Camper Van (31138)

556 pieces | $49.99

Kids aged 8+ can dream up sandy stories at the beach with this stunning LEGO® Creator 3in1 Beach Camper Van (31138) building set. It features a camper van with a kitchen and bedroom inside, a removable roof, an opening side door and 2 minifigures. It’s accompanied by 2 beach huts, a palm tree, 2 brick-built surfboards, a pair of chaise longues and an albatross.

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Cosy House (31139)

808 pieces | $59.99

Kids aged 8+ will be thrilled to play out fun-filled stories with this impressive LEGO® Creator 3in1 Cozy House (31139). It features a family toy house with 4 rooms: a kitchen, living room, master bedroom and child’s bedroom, plus a garden terrace. The house folds open in the middle to give kids even more play options.

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Magical Unicorn (31140)

145 pieces | $9.99

Imaginative kids aged 7+ can be transported to a mythical land for enthralling action with this 3in1 Magical Unicorn (31140) building set. It features a unicorn toy with a golden horn, colorful tail, and posable legs and hooves. It can be presented in 2 different positions: standing on 4 legs or reared up on its 2 hind legs for an iconic pose and displayed on the set’s rainbow stand.

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