LEGO DOTS To End in June 2023


In case you missed it, LEGO has decided to pull the plug on one of its relatively younger themes. As announced last week, the LEGO Group will discontinue the LEGO DOTS theme effective June this year.

The LEGO DOTS Ultimate Party Kit (41806) released this year.

This early retirement of LEGO DOTS may have been spurred by its below-average performance in the market. Since its inception in 2020, the theme has managed to develop its portfolio of more than 70 sets throughout its four-year stint.

Frankly, the news came as a surprise, considering LEGO just recently announced its Q1 2023 line-up of new LEGO DOTS sets. But as it seems, underperforming themes are eventually retired, and it’s a business decision that LEGO has to make, unfortunately.

Here’s the official statement from the LEGO Group.

Dear all,

After careful consideration, we have decided to exit the LEGO DOTS theme and integrate tile-based play into other themes within our portfolio.

January and March launches of LEGO DOTS novelties will go ahead but also be our last on this theme, with all current items from 2022 remaining active in the product line up until the end of the year.

LEGO DOTS was launched in March 2020 with the ambition to connect with kids through their passion for arts & crafts – looking at encouraging self-expression and to attract new builders to the LEGO brand. It was a completely new style of building which used brightly coloured tiles to ignite creativity with LEGO fans, in a fun and unique way.

Whilst seeing great appetite for this type of proposition and playing a key role in retaining kids in the LEGO brand, we also recognise the challenges of establishing LEGO DOTS as a long-term brand in the arts & crafts category.

We will refocus our attention on ensuring elements of tile-play live on across other areas of the business. We know there is still a huge appeal from the arts & craft community, and we want to ensure there are opportunities for kids who love the play proposition to still enjoy building in this way. We can also confirm this discontinuation will not affect our business direction on similar themes like LEGO Art and we look forward to more exciting launches in the future.

We want to thank all our LEGO DOTS fans who inspired us with their creativity!

I guess LEGO will be capitalizing on the LEGO DOTS imminent retirement as it is still expected to release its March wave of sets inspired by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. But after that, the curtains will eventually fall on this beloved theme.


So while counting the months before we see the end of LEGO DOTS, you may want to check out which sets turned out to be popular and enjoyed by the LEGO community. Here is our top 15 list of most wanted LEGO DOTS sets (in descending order) based on data shared Brickset data. Please take note that these are affiliate links. So just in case you want to purchase these sets through these links, we also get to receive a small portion of its purchase. It’s a great way to show support for what we do here in the blog.

Extra DOTS – Series 1 (41908) – 2020



Extra DOTS – Series 2 (41916) – 2020



Extra DOTS – Series 3 (41921) – 2021



Lots of DOTS (41935) – 2021



Cosmic Wonder Bracelet (41903) – 2020



Extra DOTS – Series 4 (41931) – 2021



Pineapple Pencil Holder (41906) – 2020



Extra DOTS – Series 5 (41932) – 2021



Extra DOTS – Series 6 (41946) – 2022



Rainbow Bracelet (41900) – 2020



Animal Picture Holders (41904) – 2020



Rainbow Jewelry Stand (41905) – 2020



Sparkly Unicorn Bracelet (41902) – 2020



Funky Animals Bracelet (41901) – 2020



Big Message Board (41952) – 2022



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