LEGO Indirectly Confirms a LEGO Zelda Is Now in the Works

Zelda Great Deku Tree Artwork

For the past three years, Nintendo and LEGO have been teaming up to create amazing sets that resulted in the creation of the successful and prolific LEGO Super Mario theme. They’ve been wildly popular among LEGO and Nintendo fans, with new ones coming out each year. The thing is, they’ve never really strayed from the whole Mario theme. But this may eventually change as rumors, leaks, and possibly an indirect confirmation from LEGO itself finally gives credence to the possibility that a LEGO Zelda is now on its way.

To be frank, this news is not entirely new. Because since the day that a cryptic Eurobricks member shared publicly that LEGO has been doing some secretive surveys on how much money will people actually spend on what seems to be upcoming LEGO sets, then more info about this potential LEGO Zelda started to take form.

LEGO has supposedly conducted surveys in the past, but this is the first instance where they have hinted at their interest in creating a LEGO Zelda set. It is uncertain whether they have obtained the license from Nintendo to do so, even if the rumor is true. Additionally, there is no guarantee that the leaked design will be the final product, as it could undergo significant changes.

Normally, this is the part where I normally say that you ought to take these rumors with a pinch of salt. However, knowing how protective LEGO can be with regard to its confidential sets and brand name, most of the time, it is through their own doing that an upcoming set may be indirectly confirmed.

Because as it turns out, YouTube channel Nintendo Prime eventually learned it the hard way when his channel became the target of the LEGO Brick Police as it issued a copyright takedown notice. The video in question (which is obviously taken down already) did not publish any photos, but instead just went on to describe how the initial leaks turned out. This is Nintendo Prime’s first copyright strike and those on YouTube (us included) know very well how nerve-wracking this experience is.

And as Nintendo Prime aptly puts it, such strict policing on LEGO’s part simply means that an upcoming LEGO Zelda set is actually imminent.

At this point, the leaks for this upcoming LEGO Zelda set are now out there in the wild so I will not go on to the details of describing it. However, what we can confirm is that it is a pretty large set clocking at 1,920 pieces. We don’t have a tentative release date as of press time. But we can somewhat assume that this set will be a part of LEGO’s H2 2023 releases or their June to December 2023 product launches.

Whatever the case is, I’ll keep our brick radars open for more info on this highly-anticipated LEGO Zelda set. So be sure to keep tabs on our blog site as well.

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