LEGO 2K Drive Teaser Revealed Ahead of Its March 23rd Release Date

LEGO 2K Drive Teaser

LEGO has just announced across social media that a new open-world world racing game will be officially announced anytime soon. In typical LEGO humor, the company just released a LEGO 2K Drive teaser, hinting at a partnership with Take-Two Interactive Software. The new LEGO video game is hinted to be LEGO’s newest offering that will be announced to the world this March 23.

WATCH: LEGO 2K Drive Teaser Video

The LEGO 2K Drive teaser announcement was made by a reluctant ANN minifigure news anchor Vicky Wheeler. The teaser features a steamroller wreaking havoc through a construction site with a stunning mountainous backdrop. While it’s not clear whether players will be able to drive the steamroller or explore the construction site, the tantalizing glimpse of the game has left fans speculating.

lego 2k drive teaser

The game is a result of LEGO’s partnership with 2K, which has already been hinted at’s Intellectual Property Notice page. Previous leaks from last year also revealed that a minifigure polybag featuring the 2K logo will be offered as a possible product tie-up with the LEGO 2K Drive racing game. If you recall, Take-Two Interactive Software, or 2K, is the company that also gave us highly successful video game franchises such as Grand Theft Auto, NBA 2K series, Red Dead Redemption, WWE, and more.

The LEGO Finnius Dash (30629) minifigure has been previously rumored as a tie-in polybag that will be offered alongside the LEGO 2K Drive video game.

What the LEGO 2K Drive Teaser Says About Its Open-World Racing Game

The upcoming open-world racing game from LEGO and 2K is set to be a game-changer for fans of both franchises. Here are some of the expected features and gameplay elements that fans are hoping to see in the game.

A Vast Open World to Explore

The teaser footage already showcases a stunning open world with a construction site, mountain, and steamroller. Fans are hoping to see more of this vast world with various terrains and environments to explore, making the game an immersive experience.

Customizable Vehicles

LEGO’s previous games have always offered a high level of customization, and fans are expecting the same from the upcoming racing game. Players will likely be able to customize their vehicles with LEGO bricks and design them to their liking.

Diverse Racing Modes

A racing game wouldn’t be complete without various racing modes, and fans are excited to see what LEGO and 2K have in store. The LEGO 2K Drive teaser showed that players can expect to compete in races against the clock, other players, and AI-controlled opponents.

Iconic LEGO Characters

Fans are hoping to see some of their favorite LEGO characters make an appearance in the game, either as playable characters or NPCs. It would be exciting to see how LEGO 2K Drive will integrate all of LEGO’s licensed and non-licensed franchises into the game’s storyline and world.

The LEGO 2K Drive teaser announcement has fans eagerly anticipating its official launch. The footage provides a tantalizing glimpse into the game’s vast open world and gameplay features, leaving fans speculating and excited for more. The LEGO 2K Drive’s official announcement on March 23 is sure to reveal more exciting details, and we’ll sure to keep our radars open to see what the game has to offer.

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