LEGO Teases a LEGO Donkey Kong Set for MAR10 Day!

banner LEGO Donkey Kong teaser

Following the unintended reveal of the LEGO Super Mario Dry Bowser Castle Battle (71423), it looks like LEGO is continuously building on the hype and excitement. Because as it turns out, it seems that LEGO is teasing a LEGO Donkey Kong reveal just in time for Nintendo’s MAR10 Day celebrations.

Shared by LEGO’s social media team via Instagram, LEGO is hinting that we might be seeing our very first LEGO Donkey Kong set just in time for MAR10 Day. Take a look.

LEGO Donkey Kong teaser

Along with a countdown timer, the imposing silhouette DK’s brick-built figure adds to the excitement of the MAR10 celebrations. Though I am excited about this first-ever LEGO Donkey Kong set, I have to say right off the bat that this may not be the usual LEGO 18+ set that adult LEGO collectors are looking forward to. There were confirmations already that there will be no LEGO 18+ sets to be revealed in conjunction with this year’s MAR10 Day celebrations. Furthermore, this brick-built rendition of Nintendo’s iconic video game character is a bit small given the LEGO elements and pieces that were used.

Whatever the case, as an avid Super Mario fan, I’m still excited to see what LEGO has in store for MAR10 Day. It’s just a matter of hours before the show begins over at LEGO’s official YouTube channel, so be sure to keep tabs on this and here on our blog site as well.

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