LEGO Friends Beach Adventure Park (41737) Sneak Peek

LEGO Friends Beach Adventure Park

The LEGO Friends Beach Adventure Park (41737) set was recently revealed by a LEGO Certified Store in Singapore and is slated to release in June. With 1,348 pieces, this set features a range of thrilling rides and attractions that will transport you to a fun-filled summer day at the beach.

Dive into the Details of the LEGO Friends Beach Adventure Park

Based on this image shared via the LEGO Certified Store’s Facebook page, here’s a breakdown of some of the key features that make the LEGO Friends Beach Adventure Park set a must-have for LEGO amusement park enthusiasts:

The Wave Rider – Includes an exciting watercraft, a minidoll, and a small camera for those Instagrammable selfies.

The Fun Bay – Features a spinning ride, a classic amusement park attraction that swings riders through the air aboard several brick-built sea creatures: a dolphin, sea horse, and sea tortoise. It also includes an actual spinning function via a turning mechanism located at the base of the ride.

Refreshment Stand – It’s kind of clever to see how those angled studs, first used in LEGO Collectible Minifigures DC Superheroes 71026, were used here as drinking straws. The stand offers hotdogs, pizzas, and an assortment of drinks for our local Heartlake City residents.

Pirate-Themed Shooting Gallery – There are plenty of prizes up for grabs in this pirate-inspired shooting gallery. It’s also nice to see that LEGO threw in some exclusive elements for the prizes in this portion of the set, such as the trans-green balloon dog (previously an exclusive minifigure accessory to the Party Clown from CMF Series 18), and the tan rabbit stuff toy (first included in large, more expensive sets such as the LEGO Icons Holiday Main Street 10308, LEGO Ideas 123 Sesame Street 21324, and LEGO Friends Heartlake City Shopping Mall 41450). The rabbit stuff toy element also made its debut as a minifig accessory to the Pyjama Girl from LEGO CMF Series 20.

LEGO Friends Beach Adventure Park Set Minidolls

This set includes four mini-doll figures – Zac, Nova, Charli, and Dia – who are all dressed for a day of fun in the sun. has not yet listed this latest LEGO Friends summer offering. But we can expect an official reveal anytime soon and a launch date sometime in June. This set is expected to retail for around $100 given its piece count and minidolls included.

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