LEGO The Majestic Horse (010423) April Fool’s Set Released

LEGO The Majestic Horse

Well, this is something out of the ordinary. Though the infamous prankster’s day has already passed, I’m still amazed at the length LEGO will go through to make things a bit more fun. Because as it turned out, LEGO was kind enough to officially distribute its LEGO The Majestic Horse (010423) set to select LEGO fan media outlets as part of its April 1st joke.

The LEGO The Majestic Horse is Not What You Think It Is

LEGO The Majestic Horse

Just to be clear, this is an actual set and I opted to share this a few days after April 1 to save this news from being brushed off as another April Fool’s prank. As mentioned in its box, the LEGO The Majestic Horse (010423) is an 18+ set and clocks in at 475 pieces. It’s hilarious how LEGO gave a hint of things to come with the set number itself being a play on the date of April 1st.

But the fun happens when you finally happen to finish the build. Instead of having a galloping horse, you are greeted by the iconic doge meme of the Internet. Instead of a horse, you’ll have a vignette of a Shiba Inu wearing a pair of Sonic’s red shoes and one that doesn’t mind pooping on the racing track.

LEGO The Majestic Horse

010423 41085

Unfortunately, there are only 10 of these sets in existence according to The Brick Fan. These sets were given to select recognized LEGO fan media outlets for review (Brickset did a great one on this set), and I’m not sure if LEGO will be releasing the building instructions for its LEGO The Majestic Horse (010423) set anytime soon.  I sure hope they do since it’s a fun and healthy way to prank someone even if it’s not April Fool’s Day.

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