LEGO Ideas Collaborates with Lofi Girl for an Exciting Building Challenge

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After a cool YouTube video and several social media posts, LEGO Ideas has joined forces with the popular hip-hop ambient streaming sensation, Lofi Girl, to bring you the engaging LEGO Ideas Lofi Girl Building Challenge that will test your creativity and relaxation skills. Let’s delve into the details of this unique collaboration and how you can win some incredible LEGO sets.

The LEGO Ideas Lofi Girl Challenge: Design Your Relaxation Haven

The latest LEGO Ideas challenge invites builders and creators to immerse themselves in the theme of “Where would you like to go and relax?” This theme perfectly aligns with Lofi Girl’s soothing streams, complemented by the serene tones of Lo-Fi music, and the calming experience of constructing LEGO sets.

The LEGO Ideas Lofi Girl challenge prompts participants to envision their ideal relaxation spot, featuring the iconic Lofi Girl character, whether it’s a real location or a product of their imagination.

Submission Deadline and Review Process

You have until October 17 to submit your entry for this exciting contest. Entries can be submitted via the designated page on the LEGO Ideas website. After the submission deadline, a panel of experts from LEGO Ideas and members of the Lofi Girl Team will meticulously review all the entries. The winner will be officially announced on November 7, and the judging criteria include:

  1. Overall Coolness and Originality (25%)
  2. Most Inspired Details (25%)
  3. Relevance to the Challenge Theme (25%)
  4. Best Use of LEGO Elements (25%)

While there will be only one Grand Prize Winner, the rewards are truly exceptional. The lucky winner of the LEGO Ideas Lofi Girl building challenge will receive a spectacular prize package, including:

lego ideas lofi girl

How to Participate in the LEGO Lofi Girl Building Contest

To enter the challenge and view the complete rules and terms, head over to the LEGO Ideas Challenge Page. Make sure to read through all the conditions carefully before submitting your entry. And to inspire you for your next LEGO Ideas Lofi Girl creation, here are seven of the most popular contest entries as of to date.

Escape to Mykonos

lego ideas lofi girl

Lofi Santorini

lo fi santorini

Fly Above the City

lego ideas lofi girl

Lofi Girl Cube

lego ideas lofi girl

Music in the Air

music in the air

Studying Under the Cherry Blossoms

studying under cherry blossoms

Lofi Loft

lego ideas lofi girl

This latest LEGO Ideas Lofi Girl partnership promises an exciting and creative journey for LEGO enthusiasts and music lovers alike. So, put on your thinking caps, unleash your inner builder, and create a relaxing masterpiece that could make you the next Grand Prize Winner in this fantastic collab!

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