A Closer Look At Some of the Latest LEGO Creator Sets for 2017.

A couple of days back we featured four LEGO Creator sets that are set for release in 2017. We showed you the box arts, and this time, thanks to Kockashop, we now have a closer look at the fine details of these sets, together with their 3-in-1 functions. Frankly, I am pretty much impressed with the Exploration Robots (31062) – I have a feeling, as the set’s name suggests, that this brick-built robot has something more under its sleeve (or arm, if you may). Able to transform to two, animal-like robotic figures, the set becomes even more awesome by LEGO’s inclusion of a cool light brick which is used as a part of the robot’s arm, eyes and sort of jet-pack. The azure blue color motif is very nice and gives the build an organic feel rather than being mechanical.

Though smaller than their modular cousins, the Beachside Vacation (31063) and Park Street Townhouse (31065) offers an introductory building experience for those who would like to test the waters of modular building. Based on these official images, set 31065 offers a deal of flexibility in coming up with various mini-modular builds which one can experiment with. I just wish LEGO has thrown in an actual dog and a bird element instead of coming up with brick-built animals to give the set a more natural feel.


Exploration Robots (31062)

31062-1-robot-felfedezo-large 31062-2 31062-4 31062-5 31062-6 31062-7


Beachside Vacation (31063)

31063-1-tengerparti-vakacio-large 31063-2 31063-3 31063-4 31063-5 31063-6


Seaplane Adventures (31064)

31064-1-repules-a-sziget-felett-large 31064-2 31064-3 31064-4 31064-5 31064-6


Park Street Townhouse (31065)

31065-1-kertvarosi-villa-large 31065-2 31065-3 31065-4 31065-5 31065-6 31065-7


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