Agent Chase McCain Springs Into Action Once More in LEGO City Undercover 2017!

Warner Bros Games UK has just announced via its Twitter page that 2017 will mark the return of Agent Chase McCain as he leaps into action once more in a reboot of the 2013 video game, LEGO City Undercover. Originally released exclusively for Nintendo Wii platforms, it was considered one of the highly successful LEGO video games of the year. Here’s the announcement as WB Games UK describes it.

As mentioned, the LEGO City Undercover reboot will be available in Spring of 2017 and will be available for all major gaming consoles and systems such as the PS4, Xbox One, Steam for the PC, and the much talked about Nintendo Switch. No further info was given at the time of this announcement regarding exact release dates or pricing, but we can be pretty sure that there will be plenty of interesting gameplay involved here since the game itself will be ported to various platforms, each of which offering a unique gaming experience. Here’s the official promotional trailer of the LEGO City Undercover back in 2012 and see if you can remember the characters from the game.

If you recall, one particular LEGO City set due for 2017, High-speed Chase (60138) in particular, features a Chase McCain minifigure hinting at the possibility that the edge-of-your-seat Agent will have his time under the spotlight once more. Together with the announcement of having him added in the LEGO Dimensions multiverse in 2017, certainly gives you a reason to put that game face on once again.



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