Go Big With These 11 Must-Buy LEGO Sets Before the Year’s End.

This Holiday season, LEGO is going big, very big. True, they may have stopped further development of their toys-to-life game title LEGO Dimensions, but that is just one portion of the huge multimedia juggernaut that the Danish toy giant has built up over the years.

With the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi on cinemas, LEGO is pushing their licensed Star Wars merchandise to the utmost, led by the Ultimate Collectors Series Millennium Falcon (75192). This UCS now heads the 11 largest LEGO sets ever rolled out, all of them (save for the Falcon probably) are still available by the end of the year.

The UCS Millennium Falcon (75192), at 7,541 pieces, is hands down the largest set yet to be created by LEGO and a hot item for many a Star Wars aficionado this year. Together with the re-release of the 5,923-piece Taj Mahal (10256) and the Ninjago City set (70620) at 4,867 pieces, they are the top 3 biggest in the bunch of 11 that are all in stock at LEGO brand stores and online for purchase.

10256 alt1

These will be the crème de la crème for builders who want their LEGO models and play sets huge. Some of their prices are steep, though. Note that set 75192, worth US$800 or £650, will remain a LEGO VIP exclusive, at least until the end of November. The Taj Mahal re-release on the other hand, will set you back $370 when it hits stores on November 27, while the Ninjago City at $300.

70620 alt1

Aside from those three mentioned, here are the remaining eight of the Top 11 Biggest LEGO sets that you can consider for a major Holiday buy. You may also click their respective links so you can compare them with Amazon’s prices.

75827 alt00

10214 alt1

10253 Box1 in

71040 Box1 v39

75159 Box1 v39

10255 Box1 v39

42055 alt1

70922 Box1 v39

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