Better Look at the New LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina Set (75205) in Action

It’s only been two days since the last update on this, but news is news; and this time, we have lots of pictures to share too. Yes, it’s about the new version of the Mos Eisley Cantina play set in the LEGO Star Wars line (#75205), reimagining the original set 4501 from 2003.

Our last update on this gave us an estimate on the retail price of set 75205 ($39.99). It also showed nice shots of the four accompanying minifigures (Han, Greedo, Sand Stormtrooper and new minifig Wuher). Box art was also featured. But now, we get to see the minifigures and location sets assembled.

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The very first thing you’d notice from the box design is the action depicted in the right side. There it is: the scene that cemented Harrison Ford’s Han Solo as a total bad-ass, when he made “crispa” Greedo during their encounter from the first Star Wars film. Whether you want the original “Han shot first” version or the later “Greedo missed, I didn’t” edit by George Lucas himself, re-enacting this signature pose in the Cantina dining table all over again is going to be a – pardon the pun – blast.

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Here’s a better look at that Ubrikkian 9000 speeder that took the place of Luke’s from the original 4501 set. It’s a covered vehicle with room inside for a minifigure to pilot, though I’ve no idea about its performance. Does it hover along like Luke’s speeder did, or can it actually fly?

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Uh-oh, here comes that Stormtrooper through the Cantina doors, acting on a tip from somebody inside about the missing droids they’ve been looking for. We all know how that turns out, right?

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And that’s the update. Now we’ll be waiting for a release date in 2018 so we can expect when the LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina set (75205) will become available.

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