LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Black Panther DLC Now Available on All Platforms

Earlier this week, we announced that there would be a new DLC pack coming for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. As expected, it’s going to be tied to the (really, really) close premiere of Marvel Studio’s Black Panther this Friday. The additions include new costumes, characters and playable levels in-game.

We said it was coming on Tuesday, February 13. Now here it is. LMHS2’s developers, Traveller’s Tales and Warner Bros. Interactive, also released a trailer to promote the DLC. It’s everything fans of the MCU film have already seen in the movie trailers, all rendered in CGI brick and minifigures.

It just has to be said. Wakanda in LEGO is gorgeous in the game’s graphics, and it’s replete with environmental features to navigate and avoid, with characters both helpful and hostile on the scene. There’re some slick action sequences of T’Challa running through the level and beating up baddies too.

Even the introductory sequences of some of the new characters added to LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 by the DLC are pretty sweet. We see Erik Killmonger in his rip-off “leopard” suit with the mask, and Ulysses Klaue firing his sound blaster. The graphics are surprisingly accurate to the film.

Here’s the latest blurb for the Black Panther DLC on LMSH2:

Download to get access to this level and character pack inspired by Marvel Studios’ Black Panther. Set within the Kingdom of Wakanda, players will take the legendary Wakandan Super Hero and his sister Shuri on a dangerous mission within the darkest depths of their homeland, battling mutated creatures and arch-nemesis Erik Killmonger’s vicious army.

As a last note, another additional character added into the game aside from what we mentioned last time is CIA Agent Everett Ross (played in the film by Martin Freeman). The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Black Panther DLC is now available as a separate purchase for $2.99 if you purchased the base game. On the other hand, it comes as a free download if you opted to purchase the game’s Deluxe Edition.

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