Bricks And Bricks Culture Magazine Announcement!


As I’m sure most of you already know, LEGO has garnered a huge 3rd Party following over the course of it’s lifetime, especially over these more recent  years. Custom Minifigures, bricks, parts and MOCs are probably what we all think of when we hear “3rd Party LEGO”, but other media, such as magazines, are also rife.

Huw Millington and Mark Guest are some key contributors to this market. Blocks Magazine is an example of their previous work, and now they are bringing us two brand-spanking new (That’s a British expression, sorry if that was weird) magazines, Bricks and  Bricks Culture!



Bricks will focus mainly on set reviews, regular columns and interviews with those working for The Lego Group ; Bricks Culture will focus on how LEGO has become such a huge part of today’s popular culture throughout the world. For those who don’t know, Mark was the founder of the very successful Blocks Magazine, and Huw is the creator of Brickset, an extremely popular LEGO Database ; Safe to say, they have a pretty flawless track record…

Huw and Mark’s other work; Mark left the magazine a few issues ago, which has now been taken over by Rob Paton.

Here’s the official press release over on Brickset. It mentions when the magazine  becomes available, the full team working on it, pre-orders and prices.  Go have a gander! (Seriously, how many of these expressions do you guys use in other countries?)

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