LEGO 40634 Icons of Play Set Features a Soccer-Themed Collectible for Summer 2023

The recently rumored (and leaked) LEGO 40634 Icons of Play set has been officially unveiled, and it’s a soccer-themed masterpiece that is set to capture the hearts of LEGO and football fans.

Previously leaked images of this remarkable set had been circulating online. But the wait is apparently over as LEGO’s online shopping portal reveals exclusive details, including set images, pricing, and release dates as you can read below.

LEGO 40634 Icons of Play – Price and Release Date

lego 40634

The LEGO 40634 Icons of Play set is priced at $99.99 USD, and clocks in at 899 pieces. What probably makes this set appealing to collectors is that it comes with a large number of minifigures, including four of the most famous female football players of this current generation: Megan Rapinoe, Yuki Nagasato, Sam Kerr, and Asisat Oshoala.

With almost 900 LEGO pieces, this set promises hours of immersive building fun. It’s the perfect set to express your love for the sport in a fun, LEGO building set. The LEGO 40634 Icons of Play is slated to be released on June 6, 2023.

This recently revealed further adds to the football-themed collectible sets that LEGO offered in the past such as the LEGO Creator Expert Camp Nou – FC Barcelona (10284), Real Madrid – Santiago Bernabeu Stadium (10299), and the LEGO German National Football Team DFB Collectible Minifigures (71014)

Explore a Soccer-Themed Marvel of a set in LEGO 40634 Icons of Play

Step onto the pitch and experience the thrill of a soccer match with the LEGO 40634 Icons of Play set. This LEGO summer 2023 set brings the soccer world to life, featuring a half-scale soccer field complete with a VAR (Video Assistant Referee) station and a meticulously designed goal. Immerse yourself in the stadium atmosphere with a scoreboard, stands, and even a ceremonial stage for special events. Every aspect of this set has been carefully crafted to provide an authentic soccer experience in the world of LEGO.

Meet the Soccer Stars in LEGO Form

The LEGO 40634 Icons of Play set wouldn’t be complete without its star-studded lineup of LEGO minifigures. As mentioned earlier, it includes 15 minifigures, including soccer legends such as Megan Rapinoe, Yūki Nagasato, Sam Kerr, and Asisat Oshoala. These miniature representations of renowned athletes let you recreate memorable soccer moments or build new ones on your own.

lego 40634

Other Features to Watch Out For in the LEGO 40634 Icons of Play

The soccer field and VAR station of the LEGO 40634 Icons of Play stands at 7.5 inches high and stretch 14 inches wide. This generous size ensures that you have ample space to unleash your imagination and immerse yourself in thrilling soccer matches.

For a closer look at the LEGO 40634 Icons of Play set, including additional product images and detailed set descriptions, browse through the set’s official images and product description below. You may also want to add this set to your LEGO wish list by following its respective affiliate link below.

LEGO 40634 Icons of Play 

899 pieces | Includes 15 minifigures | Coming soon on June 6, 2023

lego 40634 lego 40634 40634 alt7

Inspire any soccer fan aged 12 and up with this LEGO® Icons of Play (40634) buildable toy set, featuring half a soccer field with a goal and VAR station, stands with a scoreboard, a ceremonial stage and more. Some of the 15 minifigures represent famous soccer players like crafty and creative Megan Rapinoe, the multi-talented Yūki Nagasato, world-class striker Sam Kerr and global superstar Asisat Oshoala. A fun gift idea for soccer lovers to build, play with and display.

  • Buildable excitement – Create a playable indoor soccer toy with this LEGO® Icons of Play (40634) set. Makes a fun gift for older kids or adult fans with a love of the sport and its players
  • Unstoppable Play – With 15 LEGO® minifigures, a movable goalie and 1 vs. 1 player function, this set encourages social play and lets kids emulate their idols
  • Measurements – The half soccer field with goal and VAR station measures over 7.5 in. (20 cm) high and 14 in. (36 cm) wide and looks good on display once play is finished

LEGO Summer 2023 Miscellaneous Sets: Explore the Exciting Collection

In case you missed it, LEGO has unveiled two new LEGO Summer 2023 miscellaneous sets, and we have all the exciting details right here. Available exclusively at all LEGO Stores and in the online LEGO Shop, these sets are perfect for both kids and kids-at-heart. Get ready to embark on a building adventure unlike any other, check these out, and let’s dive into the world of these new LEGO Summer 2023 miscellaneous sets.

Check Out These LEGO Summer 2023 Miscellaneous Sets

LEGO Birthday Cake (40641) – A Slice of magic!

LEGO Summer 2023 Miscellaneous

Make every birthday celebration a memorable one with the LEGO Birthday Cake (40641) building set. This vibrant LEGO Summer 2023 miscellaneous set offers a party vibe similar to that of the LEGO Birthday Diorama 40584 GWP set offered earlier this year. The LEGO Birthday Cake 40641 features a cake wedge, consisting of 211 pieces, and brings the enchantment of LEGO to any party. With 7 buildable candles, the cake sets the stage for a joyous celebration. But there’s more to discover—open the cake to reveal a cozy room inhabited by 2 charming minifigures. And for an extra touch of excitement, you can fold out the cake slice to create an icing-coated hill, perfect for the minifigures’ sled.

LEGO Jade Rabbit (40643) – Embrace the Spirit of the Mid-Autumn Festival

LEGO Summer 2023 Miscellaneous

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in style with the exquisite LEGO Jade Rabbit (40643) set. This intricately designed LEGO Summer 2023 miscellaneous set is comprised of 288 pieces and pays homage to one of the festival’s most beloved characters. Depicting the Jade Rabbit sitting on a snow skin moon cake, the set captures the essence of this cultural celebration.

LEGO has once again surpassed our expectations with its LEGO Summer 2023 miscellaneous sets. These exclusive collections, available at LEGO Stores and the LEGO Shop, offer many possibilities for imaginative play and display-worthy creations. Whether you’re an avid LEGO enthusiast or looking for the perfect gift, these sets are bound to bring joy to any occasion. Both LEGO Summer 2023 miscellaneous sets are currently available at, and you may add them to your cart today by visiting their respective affiliate links below.

LEGO Summer 2023 Miscellaneous – LEGO Birthday Cake (40641)

211 pieces | Includes 2 minifigures | $14.99 | Available now

LEGO Summer 2023 Miscellaneous LEGO Summer 2023 Miscellaneous LEGO Summer 2023 Miscellaneous

40641 alt5

Bring a slice of LEGO® magic to any birthday celebration with the LEGO Birthday Cake (40641) building set. This colorful cake wedge comes with 7 buildable candles and opens to reveal a cozy room with 2 resident minifigures. Fold out the cake slice to create an icing-coated hill for the minifigures’ sled. Perfect for play and display, this cool cake can be built and rebuilt year after year to celebrate those special days.

  • Buildable birthday cake – Bring a slice of LEGO® magic to any birthday celebration with this colorful LEGO Birthday Cake, including 7 buildable candles
  • A gift that keeps on giving – Celebrate that special day every year with the LEGO® Birthday Cake building set for ages 7 and up
  • Measurements – The LEGO® Birthday Cake measures over 3.5 in. (9 cm) high, 2.5 in. (7 cm) wide and 3 in. (8 cm) deep


LEGO Summer 2023 Miscellaneous – LEGO Jade Rabbit (40643)

288 pieces | $19.99 | Available now

LEGO Summer 2023 Miscellaneous LEGO Summer 2023 Miscellaneous LEGO Summer 2023 Miscellaneous

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with this highly detailed LEGO® Jade Rabbit (40643) model. The Jade Rabbit is one of the festival’s most beloved mascots and is depicted sitting on a snow skin moon cake creating divine medicine. Eating moon cake is one of the traditions of the festival, and this model opens to reveal egg yolk and 2 smaller rabbits inside. With a bright yellow moon and clouds in the background, LEGO Jade Rabbit makes a fun display piece.

  • Build a fun festival model – Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with this detailed LEGO® Jade Rabbit (40643) model featuring a rabbit, a moon cake and a bright yellow moon
  • A festival gift – This model can be given as a gift to kids aged 8+ and anyone who loves to celebrate this Chinese festival
  • Measurements – The model measures over 5.5 in. (14 cm) high, 5 in. (13 cm) long and 5 in. (13 cm) deep


Our Take on the Best LEGO Podcasts That You May Want To Listen To

If you’re like me who is pretty into music whenever I’m creating the next ‘big’ LEGO Idea concept (perhaps like a massive 18,000-piece custom LEGO Fortress of Solitude), or simply while sorting out my long, neglected LEGO bricks, having something to listen helps focus your energies at any task at hand. Perhaps an even better alternative is to listen to a podcast – much more if it is geared toward everything LEGO. As the BrickBlogger aptly observed, there are not many very dedicated podcasts for LEGO fans around, but there are some that are faithful to the craft. Here are some of them that are not just informative, but kind of funny and entertaining as well.

All Sorted

Though their last episode was aired way back in 2018, the content that these two stay-at-home Canadian dads are just classic gold. If Jeff and James are not busy taking out the garbage or mowing the lawn, you can find them chatting their way and running three separate podcasts back then: Breaking Dads which ran every Monday dealing with the lighter side of parenting; Epic Gumdrop which talks about video gaming and airs every Fridays; and of course, All Sorted every Wednesdays. For their last episode, this dynamic dad duo focused their sights on everything LEGO Helicopters. And though it’s quite unfortunate that they are no longer running this podcast, All Sorted still deserves a spot on our list of best LEGO podcasts out there. With topics that are thoroughly researched, Jeff and James can communicate them in a way that is uniquely LEGO: fun and engaging. You can listen to their past episodes via YouTube and iTunes.


Beyond the Brick

Joshua and Matthew started Beyond the Brick back in 2011 with the goal of having a thought or two from the world’s leading LEGO builders and designers and as a platform to showcase awesome LEGO MOCs. Highly respected within the LEGO community, the tandem has already produced more than 150 podcast interviews and shared recent developments within LEGO’s brick world. Each episode is around 30 minutes to an hour and features some minimal video and images depending on the topics being discussed. You may catch them through their YouTube channel. Though Beyond the Brick seems to have replaced their usual podcast with the video interview format, you can still catch their collection of podcasts from 2013-2016 via their YouTube channel’s playlists.


Cali Brick Clique

The Cali Brick Clique Podcast is a group of California-based AFOLs dedicated to all things LEGO. Their passion for the brick and the amazing communities surrounding it is unparalleled. Listeners are invited to join the crew as they discuss everything LEGO, including the latest sets and themes, as well as the ups and downs of the LEGO world. The podcast offers something for everyone, with the crew’s fun and informative discussions. Aside from their YouTube channel, you can also find this one of the best lego podcasts over at Spotify.


Extra Pieces

Two respected names in the LEGO fan community have come together to share their love for the brick. Based in Australia, Jay from JaysBrickBlog, and Richard from the Rambling Brick, are two dedicated LEGO fans who use their blogs to share their experiences, reviews, and insights about the world of LEGO. Listeners are invited to join them as they have a chat about their latest findings and thoughts on the LEGO world. At Extra Pieces, they discuss trends, review sets, and explore the endless possibilities of the LEGO brick. You can find their podcast over at their Pinecast platform and iTunes.

extra pieces


Full of Brick

Full of Brick is a podcast dedicated to Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs) who are passionate about all things LEGO. Hosted by Nik, Maria, Harold, and Errvin, the podcast features weekly discussions about their experiences with LEGO, show-and-tell segments, and the latest LEGO news. The crew shares their experiences with LEGO, discussing their builds, projects, and the challenges they face as AFOLs. Their show-and-tell segments are a highlight of the podcast, as they showcase their latest builds and discuss the inspiration behind them. You can catch them every week over at Audacy and iTunes.

Best LEGO Podcasts


Bricks & Banter

Hosted by Billy, Bricks & Banter is a podcast dedicated to custom LEGO creations, designed for Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs). The podcast provides a platform for real talk and no-holds-barred discussion from the custom LEGO community. Listeners can expect engaging and informative discussions about LEGO customization, including techniques, tools, and the latest trends. The team shares their own experiences with custom LEGO creations, discussing their builds, projects, and the challenges they face as they explore the endless possibilities of the LEGO brick. Listen to Bricks & Banter over at iTunes and Spotify.

Best LEGO Podcasts


I hope you enjoy these cool podcasts for LEGO fans as much as I do. If you happen to stumble upon a similar LEGO podcast, be kind enough to hit the comment button and let us know.

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If you think you’ve seen it all on how you can personalize the LEGO brick or any other LEGO piece, then you’re in for a real treat at the Brickshow Shop. With a wide variety of custom LEGO earrings, you can find the perfect pair to represent your fun and quirky personality, and love for the brick. Since all of our custom LEGO jewelry is made from genuine LEGO pieces, it’s guaranteed to be just as durable and fun as the actual bricks themselves.

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Check out our latest collections of customized LEGO pieces.

Custom LEGO Earrings

Custom LEGO Earrings made from LEGO Star Wars Lightsaber

Lightsaber Star Wars Earrings made from LEGO Bricks 1

Custom LEGO Earrings made from LEGO Star Wars Baby Yoda (Grogu)

Baby Yoda Grogu Earrings made from LEGO Bricks

Custom LEGO Earrings made from LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig

Custom LEGO Earrings made from LEGO Blue Scorpion

Custom LEGO Earrings made from LEGO Strawberry Dot

Strawberry Dot Earrings made from LEGO Bricks

Custom LEGO Necklace

Yoda Star Wars Minifig Necklace made from LEGO

Ahsoka Star Wars Minifig Necklace made from LEGO

Take a Look at Our Other Customized LEGO Pieces and Parts

New Custom LEGO Minifigures

The Brickshow Shop also offers plenty of customized LEGO minifigures from the Star Wars franchise and other characters from mainstream pop culture. Be sure to follow the link above to see what’s new in their collection.

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Other Custom LEGO Parts You Need To See!

From candy packs to books, and maps, the Brickshow Shop has everything that a serious minifigure traveler needs in their backpack. Check out what is latest by following the link on our latest custom LEGO minifigure accessories and parts.

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How to Order from The Brick Show Shop and Get Awesome Discounts

Aside from offering you a smooth check-out process, we also offer daily discounts on selected items to as much as 30% off. Simply follow the discount link on our site, add the items you want in your cart and proceed to check out. You have to hurry though because most of our custom LEGO earrings and jewelry are almost sold-out.


Hope you enjoyed this latest line of jewelry and necklaces from our storefront. Leave a comment below, and tell us which is your favorite. Happy shopping!

The LEGO Ambassador Network Releases the AFOL Passion Survey

The LEGO Ambassador Network or commonly known as LAN within the LEGO fan community has just released the AFOL Passion Survey. The purpose of the survey is to let the LEGO Group know what most likely fuels our interests, passions, and hobbies to better align their 18+ offerings to what really matters among adult fans of LEGO.

Since last year, The LEGO Group had made decisive changes to its product line-up to specifically cater to the adult LEGO fan community. The LEGO 18+ subtheme has grown exponentially since then, with LEGO recognizing the fact that the iconic brick is no longer just a children’s toy. From LEGO Art, Ideas, Creator, Disney, Nintendo, and more, almost every non-licensed and licensed theme as of today have an 18+ set to boast.   It’s great to know that LEGO has acknowledged this fact, and looks forward to offering more sets with the older LEGO fan in mind. Hopefully, through this survey, we can somewhat get our message and passions across in a more meaningful way.

The survey is relatively short and will take 15 minutes of your time to complete. Read the complete announcement below in case you’re interested, and click on the link below to access the survey form.

As an AFOL, we know you are passionate about building – but what else are you passionate about? Do current sets support your interest? How do you connect with the community? How engaged are you with the LEGO Group?

Our department is conducting a new survey on AFOL Passion. We want to answer these questions so we can better understand our AFOL audience and what they love the most. We have done similar surveys in the past but it’s time to update our information to stay up-to-date

The survey is anonymous and open to everyone, everywhere. We estimate it’ll take about 15 minutes to answer, and the feedback you give us will help us better understand how to engage with the AFOL community.

Please take the share and share it here. Right now we have no end date and will close the survey when our response rate reaches a set threshold.

Coming Soon: LEGO VIP Add-On Packs

The LEGO Customer Service Portal has been updated to include several building instructions place holders that hint at the possibility of certain LEGO VIP Add-On packs to be released soon. To be precise, this listing does not include any building instructions, but images of what we can expect from these offerings.

Thanks to Brickset, we now have initial images of these LEGO VIP Add-On Packs and the elements and pieces that go along with them. Frankly, the concept is somewhat similar to the LEGO xtra theme, with the Add-On packs basically offering significantly more LEGO elements and pieces that revolve around a particular theme.

There’s no word as of now on how LEGO VIP members can avail of these add-ons. It might be a form of freebie that will be featured in next month’s LEGO Store Calendar, or perhaps as a reward via the LEGO VIP Rewards Center. We just have to wait and see. For now, it will be helpful if you can keep tabs on our blog site for future updates. Let’s take a look at what we can expect from these expansions packs.

Fun and Funky VIP Add On Pack (40512) – 148 pieces

LEGO VIP Add-On Packs


Spooky VIP Add On Pack (40513) – 119 pieces

Image not yet available.


Winter Wonderland VIP Add On Pack (40514) – 139 pieces

40514 1


Pirates and Treasure VIP Add On Pack (40515) – 103 pieces

LEGO VIP Add-On Packs

LEGO Reveals Its Prototype Brick Made From Recyclable Plastic

The LEGO Group has made it one of its key missions to continually bring innovation in creating its products from sustainable materials. And after the successful launch of its first plant-based set, LEGO is now looking at other alternatives and has revealed its prototype brick made entirely from recyclable plastic.

This new prototype brick uses PET plastic from recycled water bottles and is durable enough to withstand LEGO’s rigorous quality and safety requirements. It’s a big step towards LEGO’s sustainability efforts, especially when you consider the fact that a 1-liter plastic bottle has enough materials to create ten 2×4 LEGO bricks.

MRA 5925

Check out this neat infographic below to know more about this new brick’s journey from a humble plastic bottle to becoming one of the world’s iconic toy building blocks.

Bottle to Brick Infographic

LEGO estimates it will take a year before they can perfect the use of this new recyclable material. But the announcement of this prototype brick is already a huge step towards making LEGO more environmentally friendly, creating a lasting impact on the toy industry in general.

Prototype Brick

For more information, read the LEGO Group’s official press release below.

The LEGO Group reveals the first prototype LEGO® brick made from recycled plastic

Wednesday 23rd June 2021: The LEGO Group today unveiled a prototype LEGO® brick made from recycled plastic, the latest step in its journey to make LEGO products from sustainable materials.

The new prototype, which uses PET plastic from discarded bottles, is the first brick made from a recycled material to meet the company’s strict quality and safety requirements.

A team of more than 150 people is working to find sustainable solutions for LEGO products. Over the past three years, materials scientists and engineers tested over 250 variations of PET materials and hundreds of other plastic formulations. The result is a prototype that meets several of their quality, safety, and play requirements – including clutch power.

Vice President of Environmental Responsibility at the LEGO Group, Tim Brooks said: “We are super excited about this breakthrough. The biggest challenge on our sustainability journey is rethinking and innovating new materials that are as durable, strong, and high quality as our existing bricks – and fit with LEGO elements made over the past 60 years. With this prototype we’re able to showcase the progress we’re making.”

Uncompromised quality and safety

It will be some time before bricks made from a recycled material appear in LEGO product boxes. The team will continue testing and developing the PET formulation and then assess whether to move to the pilot production phase. This next phase of testing is expected to take at least a year.

Brooks said: “We know kids care about the environment and want us to make our products more sustainable. Even though it will be a while before they will be able to play with bricks made from recycled plastic, we want to let kids know we’re working on it and bring them along on the journey with us. Experimentation and failing is an important part of learning and innovation. Just as kids build, unbuild and rebuild with LEGO bricks at home, we’re doing the same in our lab.”

The prototype is made from recycled PET sourced from suppliers in the United States that use US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approved processes to ensure quality. On average, a one-liter plastic PET bottle provides enough raw material for ten 2 x 4 LEGO bricks.

The journey towards more sustainable products

The patent-pending material formulation increases the durability of PET to make it strong enough for LEGO bricks. The innovative process uses a bespoke compounding technology to combine the recycled PET with strengthening additives.

The recycled prototype brick is the latest development in making the LEGO Group’s products more sustainable. In 2020, the company announced it will begin removing single-use plastic from its boxes. In 2018, it began producing elements from bio-polyethylene (bio-PE), made from sustainably sourced sugarcane. Many LEGO sets contain elements made from bio-PE which is perfect for making smaller, softer pieces such as trees, branches, leaves, and accessories for minifigures. Bio-PE is not currently suitable for making harder, stronger elements such as the iconic LEGO bricks.

Brooks said: “We’re committed to playing our part in building a sustainable future for generations of children. We want our products to positively impact the planet, not just with the play they inspire, but also with the materials we use. We still have a long way to go on our journey but are pleased with the progress we’re making.”

The LEGO Group’s focus on sustainable material innovation is just one of several different initiatives the company has in place to make a positive impact. The LEGO Group will invest up to US $400 million over three years to 2022 to accelerate its sustainability ambitions. For more information on how the LEGO Group wants to rebuild the world for the better, visit:


Bring Your Favorite Sesame Street Character Together With These LEGO Keychains

While the LEGO Ideas 123 Sesame Street (21324) is a cool way to celebrate our childhood nostalgia, chances are, the minifigures that come with it are somewhat tucked away in a collectible minifigure case. Well, that’s understandable considering how exclusive they are to this set. Thankfully, LEGO has also provided an opportunity for us to have a spare Elmo or Cookie Monster minifig in the form of LEGO keychains.

I have to admit that these little accessories managed to fall from my radar, but it’s a good thing that LEGO Shop@Home still has them listed and available over at the LEGO home shopping portal for $6 each. I still hope to see Ernie and Bert given the same dangling treatment, but having a LEGO Elmo and Cookie Monster minifigure always with me wherever I go is still very much welcomed.

If you want a better look at these newest LEGO keychains, then I suggest that you click on the following affiliate links below.

Elmo Key Chain (854145)

LEGO Keychains

Introduce a fan of Sesame Street’s Elmo to this great LEGO® Ideas Elmo Key Chain (854145) to take along on their adventures! It features an Elmo minifigure looking cheery with a big smile and red fur, attached to a durable metal chain and ring. This eye-catching key chain can be fastened to a backpack or used to keep keys together in a pocket or bag.


Cookie Monster Key Chain (854146)

LEGO Keychains

Give a Sesame Street fan this fun LEGO® Ideas Cookie Monster Key Chain (854146) to keep them company! It features a Cookie Monster minifigure with a big grin and blue fur, attached to a durable metal chain and ring. This fun key chain can be fastened to a backpack or used to hold keys safely in a pocket or purse.


ICYMI: LEGO Teases on a Big Annoucement In June

A couple of days ago, LEGO left us with a cryptic teaser on social media that features what seems to be a classic 2×2 brick accentuated by four bright multi-colored neon studs. The caption hints at a big announcement, giving the impression that what LEGO teases might be leaning towards a new product launch the focuses on lighting enhancements of sorts. And in case you missed it, here’s what LEGO has to say.

I’m not sure if June 26, 2021, will be the actual product launch, or perhaps the official reveal. But in both cases, we can expect more and more info to come out in the next few weeks.

For now, my hunch is that it could be referring to LEGO’s official lighting system which is the LEGO Night Mode, first revealed during last year’s LEGO World in Copenhagen. I have to say that its soft launch is somewhat of a low profile at that time. Perhaps it’s LEGO’s way of testing the waters with regards to how fans will receive the announcement. I assume that the LEGO Group was fully aware of the existing third-party providers that dominated the market for custom LEGO lighting kits. And the company would like to see how LEGO fans will respond to such an official LEGO product.

tree house night mode
An example of how the LEGO Night Mode Light Kit can be integrated with larger sets, in this case, with the LEGO Ideas Tree House.

Take note that this is just a speculation of mine based on what LEGO has previously revealed. And though my best guess is that it is pointing towards the direction of a big product launch for LEGO Night Mode, it is prudent to wait and see what LEGO will officially reveal in June.

So what do you think about this upcoming reveal? What is your best guess? Let us know in the comments below.

The LEGO Group Named as One of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Companies

Here’s another win and recognition for LEGO. After last February’s achievements at the Toy of the Year Awards, The LEGO Group (TLG) has been selected to be part of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Companies.  The prestigious listicle highlights some of the companies that redefined and shaped their respective industries and has proven to be of significant, positive impact on the lives of consumers.

lego time100 companies

Roughly presented in five categories (Pioneers, Leaders, Innovators, Titans, and Disruptors), TLG managed to be recognized as one of the companies that broke new grounds even in these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what Time Magazine has to say:

The LEGO Group: Fostering Creativity

During worldwide COVID-19 lockdowns, LEGO creations have stacked up in homes with children. The company reported a 21% jump in sales, resulting from the immediate demand for in-home entertainment and the company’s pre-pandemic push to boost online sales globally. While its flagship product remains the classic brick, the 88-year-old family-owned company is evolving to recognize the diverse needs of young consumers with new offerings like Lego Braille Bricks and pandemic-inspired online content and hybrid learning resources. As families continue to hunker down, Lego love appears to be growing. “I have never gotten so many letters … [about] how important LEGO play has been,” CEO Niels B. Christiansen tells TIME.

Though LEGO has been in the business of making plastic bricks for more than 80 years, its innovation and forward-thinking strategies have proven to be invaluable in times of crisis such as this. And now that the world is under the grips of a disruptive pandemic, it’s great to know that the LEGO brick is still around to give some sort of respite from the daily stresses that we encounter. Kudos to The LEGO Group and to the millions of LEGO fans who made this possible.