Even More LEGO Rogue One Set Images!

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Earlier today, LEGO.com/StarWars transformed into a new ‘Rogue One’-themed site, with all-new graphics linked to the film’s merchandise line:

img 1281
Not only does this sweet new graphic dominate the homepage now, but when you venture into the products page, a whole lot of new Rogue One Set images have now been released; these are different from those revealed yesterday, instead showing off the figures and in-depth features that the new sets have to offer.

75152 Impreial Assault HoverTank 

These new images have really sold me on the tank, as I’m please that the outer turrets can rotate as seen in the trailer, and that the interior can seat both pilots. Plus it just generally looks nice from the outside.

img 1312img 1313img 1314img 1315img 1316img 1311
75153 AT ST  Walker

This is probably the best iteration of the walker that has been made thus far. The detail is great, and those spring loaded shooters have been intergrated very well indeed.

img 1306img 1307img 1308img 1309img 1305
75154 TIE Striker

Again, another fantastic vehicle. The ship looks great in both landing and flight mode, and I’m pleased that the back is actually designed for storage instead of just being a waste of space.

img 1299img 1300img 1301img 1302img 1303img 1298

75156 Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle

This set certainly looks worth the high price tag, and that interior is very satisfying to me; I hate waisted space on LEGO model interiors and I’m pleased this makes good use of the space available.

img 1290img 1291img 1293img 1292img 1294img 1295
75155 U Wing Fighter

Yes! The wings can fold back! And the doors can close fully! This is my personal favourite of the whole wave, nay, the whole year, of LEGO Star Wars Sets.

img 1285img 1286img 1284img 1288img 1287img 1283

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