Finally – A LEGO City Hospital (60204) Set That Is Long Overdue!

I say that any LEGO City is obviously lacking without this one, and it looks like LEGO has finally heard our cries for a proper City hospital. Thanks to The Brothers Brick, we now have our first images of the LEGO City Hospital (60204). Those who are into the LEGO City theme and MOCs by heart, knows very well that a LEGO City Hospital set is way long overdue. Though the Friends theme managed to have the Heartlake Hospital (41318) from last year, it is was 6 years ago since we had our first hospital-inspired City build with LEGO City Helicopter Rescue (4429), which in all honesty, looks more like a typical clinic rather than a complete hospital.

The LEGO City Hospital (60204) features a three-storey building, an ambulance, an emergency helicopter, and a dozen minifigures including a baby minifig. It also has some pretty interesting accessories such as a wheelchair, a baby stroller, and a light brick. A like the clever use of the light brick to act like a sort of projector for an x-ray machine. It is said to come in at 861 pieces and is expected to retail for 80 Euros. We have no info yet on its exact release date but we’ll update you as soon as more news comes in. For now, let’s enjoy these images.

LEGO City Hospital (60204)

60204 1 60204 2 60204 3

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