First Look At LEGO’s Next Seasonal Set: Santa Claus 40206.

It seems that we’ll be ticking another set to add in our Christmas wish list. We know that for this holiday season, the Elves’ Workshop (40205) is the next seasonal set to be slated after the Pilgrim’s Feast (40204). Perhaps in the spirit of the Christmas season, LEGO will be offering not one, but two Christmas themed sets this November. Thanks to LEGO Store Budapest’s exclusive catalogue, we now have a first look at the Santa Claus (40206) which seems to go pretty well with the Elves’ Workshop (40205). Here’s page 38 of the said catalogue.


Quite noticeably, the Santa Claus set looks very much the same as that of the Pilgrim in terms of build, save for that clever use of the flame element for St. Nick’s mustache.

40206-1  40206-box

We don’t have any info yet on the pricing and piece count but since we have a rather similar build to that of the Pilgrim, we can assume that it is probably within the same $9.99 price range with an almost 200 piece count. It will be great to have this as a promotional set similar to that of the LEGO Snowglobe (40223) having it as a free item for walk-in or online purchases – after all, it’s the season of sharing. Thanks to Brickset for the tip!


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