First Look at the Summer 2018 LEGO Creator Sets

It seems that Amazon France is giving us a head start in showing what LEGO sets to expect for the second half of this year. We already heard some of them, but it’s nice to see them for what they actually are. So while waiting for better, high resolution images, let’s take a look at these new LEGO Creator sets expected to be out in the latter part of the year. I’m personally excited for the Pirate Roller Coaster which I reported since last December. I’m looking forward to how this set managed to make better use of LEGO’s newest track pieces, and the potential that it has for motorized play.

These sets are still listed as temporarily out of stock so I’m not quite sure if Amazon FR posted these too early. But I guess we’ll only find out if they are taken down sooner or later. For now, let’s take a look.

Modular Sweet Surprises (31077)

396 pieces; 43.41 Euros

31077 1 31077 3 31077 4


Cruising Adventures (31083)

597 pieces;  59.81 Euros

31083 2 31083 1 31083 4 31083 8 31083 5

31083 6

31083 7

31083 3


Pirate Roller Coaster (31084)

923 pieces; 114.43 Euros

31084 2 31084 3 31084 4


Mobile Stunt Show (31085)

580 pieces; 61.20 Euros

31085 1 31085 4 31085 3

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