If You’re as Cool as Batman, You Deserve a Weekly Wrap-Up – Here’s Our Latest LEGO Batman Movie Updates!

Though I’ve been in hiatus for almost a week, our Caped Crusader has no luxury of doing so, especially with all the buzz surrounding Warner Brothers’ latest brick-built film that features none other than Batman himself (obviously). We’ve seen several of the film’s most gorgeous, brick-built sets and must-have collectible minifigures, and this time let’s pause and take a look at the recent developments in LEGO Gotham before we hit theaters in February 10.


New LEGO Batman Movie Poster Revealing Several New Characters

Last Thursday, Warner Bros. surprised us with their latest LEGO Batman Movie poster. What makes this stand out from the film’s initial promotional posters was the fact that other than celebrating this comical, egocentric version of the Dark Knight, we somehow have a grasp of how big the movie is considering the diversity of DC characters that LEGO has thrown in. If WB intends to level up the excitement for this film, then I say that this pretty cool poster really does the job.


Other than the characters that we know already, the poster also reveals several new ones that are expected to be in the film such as Hugo Strange, Mutant Leader, and Blight. Way in the background, we also get to glimpse some of the latest villains included in the LEGO Batman Movie CMF such as March Harriet and Mime. Can you identify other new faces from this poster?


A Close Up on Two, New LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigs

Several of our readers were delighted to know that Batman will also be receiving the Scottish Highlands treatment with an exclusive minifigure that comes together with one of Scholastic’s latest LEGO Batman Movie Activity Book. Thanks to Bricklink, we now get to see the latest LEGO Batman Movie Tartan minifigure. Though we’re not certain if we’ll get to see this iteration of Batman on the big screen, it’s definitely one collectible that will stand out in our hero’s wardrobe.


For those who are looking forward to have the latest Batman minifigure without breaking the bank, then LEGO Magazine publisher Blue Ocean Entertainment has something in store. Thanks to a tip by Promo Bricks, we learned that the Germany-based publisher will be releasing a limited-edition polybag (foil pack?) promotional that features this new iteration of Batman with its new utility belt element. Here’s how the polybag looks like as shared by Promo Bricks.

lego-batmanmovie-figur-ebay1 lego-batmanmovie-figur-ebay2

Though it is highly unlikely that this German magazine promotional will hit US shores, fans in the local scene may also have a chance to own this minifigure through another polybag that was earlier announced.


NEW LEGO Batman Movie CMF Packaging Photo

LEGO is definitely cranking up the buzz and excitement with the LEGO Batman Movie CMF by uploading on its servers the latest packaging for its highly anticipated collectible minifigure series. Well, I guess Batman has to rethink his color schemes (from working only with black and very, very dark gray) by including yellow in the mix – this color will definitely stick around for quite some time.

lego-71017-batman-movie-official-minifigure-images-8 lego-71017-batman-movie-official-minifigure-images-9

Two New Sets Introduced: The Penguin Arctic Roller (70911) and Scarecrow Special Delivery (70910)

Last Wednesday, Jason shared several images of two, new LEGO Batman Movie sets that will hit store shelves anytime soon. It features one of the best, if not THE best LEGO Batman Movie vehicle (in my opinion) that ever arrives in a set. The Penguin Arctic Roller (70911) sports a very impressive ride for the suave criminal mastermind that features a classy Rolls Royce design. I can just imagine how great Penguin’s ride will look like side by side with Joker’s Notorious Lowrider (70906). Similarly, another Batman villain enters the scene and I’m pretty sure that it will not be that difficult to spot him even in his pizza delivery guy costume. The Scarecrow will definitely have some screen time as he gets another set with the Scarecrow Special Delivery (70910). What is great about this set is that it is said to have interlocking play features together with The Joker Balloon Escape (70900) and Mr. Freeze Ice Attack (70901) that reveals one major key plot in the film.

70911-1 70910-1


New Mini Batwing Polybag (30524) Revealed!

LEGO’s January Store Calendar has just arrived (more about this later) and with it, comes an announcement of a new polybag promotional that features a new Mini Batwing (30524). From December 27 to January 15, you can have a chance to own this miniaturized version of the Batwing for qualifying purchases of $35 and above. Will give you updates on this once we obtain clearer images of the January LEGO Store Calendar.

LEGO January Calendar 3

LEGO January Calendar 1


Brick Show’s Updated LEGO Batman Movie Database


You may have seen it already, but in case you have missed it, we’ve just revamped our database by including our set reviews within the set’s pages starting with of course, with the LEGO Batman Movie theme. Since last December 1, we’ve rolled out a handful of reviews of all the sets – yes, ALL of it – that has been revealed so far under the theme. Click on this link to check out our database (which I find very convenient). Alternatively, you can also watch Stephen’s reviews over our usual YouTube channel and also on Amazon.


So what do you think of these developments so far? What are you most excited about? Share us your thoughts in the comments below or head over to our Facebook page and join in the discussion with the rest of our community.

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