Latest LEGO Life Magazine Shows Off the New Nexo Knights Axl’s Rolling Arsenal (72006).

One of the new themes that LEGO introduced last year was the rather quirky Nexo Knights line, which depicted a blend of medieval aesthetics and futuristic technology (sort of LEGO’s attempt to create a Castle and Space theme). The adventures of a band of knights guided by a digital wizard defending the kingdom of Knighton against Jestro and the Book of Monsters Monstrox have also been chronicled in a 3D animated series that has been running on the Cartoon Network for four seasons.

I guess most AFOLs will not agree, but the theme’s sets, with its vehicles and unique minifigures, are pretty cool themselves. Though earlier this year, rumors have it that LEGO will be pulling down the curtain on our heroes from Knighton, the news of additional Nexo Knights sets for 2018 gives a bit of a hope for those who love the theme.

Thanks to a Brickset report, we now have a glimpse of one of 2018’s LEGO Nexo Knights sets slated to hit stores in the first half of the year.  Brickset has also shared an image of the latest issue of the LEGO Life Magazine that shows a single-page spread of what appears to be Axl’s Rolling Arsenal (72006). The image suggests that the set will be including two vehicles: Axl’s Rolling Arsenal itself, and a flying machine aptly called the Vyro Glider.


Axl in the show already had two vehicles and two LEGO sets under his name – the Tower Carrier Truck (70322) and the Rumble Maker (70354) drill tank, and now it looks like he will be getting his third one, with the Rolling Arsenal (72006). This set appears to be a carrier tank with a detachable flying component called the Jestroyer, and an internally-stored buggy called the Critter Trapper.

The Critter Trapper’s name is rather meaningful, as the enemy aircraft shown on the LEGO Life Magazine page is called a Vyro Glider, piloted by a new baddie called a Cyberbyter, and likely one of the villains in the upcoming season 5 of the animated series which features an evil computer virus. The fact that the Vyro Glider shoots mech-spiderlike projectiles called Tech Critters lends credence to that little show theory.

Getting the LEGO Nexo Knights Rolling Arsenal seems to be a fine way to pass the time, while waiting for the fifth season of the animated series to premiere on Cartoon Network. There’s no further information on these LEGO sets beyond the magazine page, so we’ll have to wait for further info to come up.

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    1. Yeah, I have the same thoughts about it. But what interested me the most is the Blacktron-like design with the Cyberbyters’ vehicles. Love the trans-green and black color scheme on these sets!

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