This Year’s LEGO Seasonal Christmas Build-Up (40253) Promotional, Now Up at LEGO Shop@Home.

Whenever the Holiday Season comes around, leave it to LEGO to have something with which to celebrate this happy occasion with their loyal builders and fans. One of their traditions in this time of year is their holiday promotional, the LEGO Seasonal Christmas Build-Up 24-in-1 (40253) set.

This set contains an average of over 200 LEGO pieces, and can be put together to form several Christmas holiday symbols from the iconic to the off-the-wall. Soon it will be time to mark the days to December 24th when LEGO presents this year’s version of their Holiday Countdown Set, available from November 1 to 15, both in-store and at

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Although at first glance (especially by those who bought the similar it last year), the LEGO Christmas Build-Up (40253) set looks rather similar piece-wise to the 2016 version (40222), the 254 pieces included in this box are all new ones for the year. Ranging from single-peg components to wide bases, this set will have young builders creating a great variety of season relics.

There are pieces to form a large brown reindeer, a Christmas tree, an Advent Wreath and even a snowmobile among others. The real fun is figuring out all 24 different creations that can be made.

That last part has a clarification, however. The 24-in-1 label on the box art is not entirely accurate in that, while LEGO has pegged a total of 24 possible builds out of the set, you can’t have all 24 assembled at once. There can be only several of the total at any given time, and that’s quite the downer.

The LEGO 2017 Holiday Countdown set is available from this November by means of LEGO’s Shop@Home platform. It will come free with any online purchase worth a minimum of $99, and it will be on offer for as long as supplies last.

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