LEGO Batman Movie 2017 Summer Sets Official Box Art Images Now Online!

We saw them made their debut during last month’s New York Toy Fair, and this time around. we now have our first look on the second wave of LEGO Batman Movie sets slated to be released in summer, sometime in June. Thanks to a tip from Promo Bricks, we now have our first official images of these sets’ box arts as revealed by Dutch online store Sinqel. These sets will be available in June both in LEGO brand stores and online.


Scarecrow Fearful Face-off (70913)
Price: $14.99; Pieces: 141

lego70913 1 lego70913 2


Bane Toxic Truck Attack (70914)
Price: $49.99; Pieces: 366

lego70914 1 lego70914 2


Two-Face Double Demolition (70915)
Price: $59.99; Pieces: 564

lego70915 1 lego70915 2


The Batwing (70916)
Price: $89.99; Pieces: 1053

lego70916 1 lego70916 2


The Ultimate Batmobile (70917)
Price: $129.99; Pieces: 1456

lego70917 1 lego70917 2


More images after from 2017 Nexo Knights, Star Wars, City, Creator, and many more so stay tuned!



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