LEGO Batman Movie Summer Sets and Rumors.

A few moments ago, we were delighted to see The LEGO Batman Movie’s first extended TV spot trailer featuring Joker’s best villain posse ever. With plenty of new minifigure characters – both from Batman’s rogue gallery and JLA’s Super Friends , most of us has been wondering already, what will the five remaining summer sets be?

Thanks once again to LEGO insider Delta Customs, we now have a pretty good guess on how these final wave of LEGO Batman Movie sets will be like.

  • Bane set with Bane, Mutant Leader, and Batman.
  • Small Scarecrow Plane/Helicopter with Scarecrow and Batman.
  • Two Face truck/car including but not limited to, Two Face and Batman.
  • LEGO Batman Movie Summer Set that includes:
    • Big Batmobile that splits into a Batwing, a Batcycle, and still functions as a Batmobile with all those removed.
    • Features a big bat signal
    • Figures include Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Alfred in a different costume, and the villains of the set, none other than the Wicked Witch and two Flying Monkeys.
  • Fifth LEGO Batman Movie Set includes:
    • Batwing (as seen in trailers)
    • Figures include Batman, Robin and Harley Quinn
    • Comes with a cannon build

As it seems, one particular set is dedicated to Bane himself and so far, based on the trailers, we haven’t seen any other rendition of Bane other than his bigfig version. So for those who are clamoring for the bigfig version of the villain that have ‘broken the Bat’, this could be the set that you’ve all been waiting for.

Scarecrow seems to be on a roll since another set is rumored to be released featuring him on a smaller plane or a chopper of sorts. This is another set apart from the Scarecrow Special Delivery (70910). We also assume that Scarecrow’s minifigure will feature his typical straw getup as seen below.


One of the key elements in The LEGO Batman Movie is the presence of the villains’ cool rides such as the Joker’s Notorious Lowrider (70906), the Penguin’s Arctic Roller (70911), and the Killer Croc Tail-Gator (70907). Delta teases on another ride where the infamous Two Face enters the fray with his very own truck.

70906 1 70911 1

70907 alt1 lego batman 1024x576

Finally, the last two sets that Delta predicted focus on a rather different version of the Batmobile as compared to that of 70905. It is a hybrid of sorts where this Batmobile is capable of splitting into three, smaller vehicles including a Batwing, a Batcycle, and a smaller Batmobile. My guess is that each of the smaller vehicles is intended to be piloted all at the same time by Batman, Robin and Batgirl since their respective minifigures are also included in the set. Same as with the others, a villain is thrown in together with this set, and in this case it is the Wicked Witch (probably that from LEGO Dimensions, since the animated film is expected to be a crossover of sorts) and two Flying Monkeys minifigs as you can see from the images’ backgrounds below.


The fifth and presumably final set has the Batwing on the spotlight as it is seen in the trailers. The set is said to feature a cannon-like build and will also include the minifigs of Batman, Robin and Harley Quinn. It was hinted on by The Brick Fan that this version of Harley may resemble closely the version that was seen on the banner at New York Comic Con.


The last wave of LEGO Batman Movie sets is expected to be released by summer, 2017. We hope to get some official set images anytime soon, considering that we’re just two months away before the movie makes its debut in the US on February 10 next year.

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