LEGO Classic Makes a Comeback This 2017 PLUS Additional Creator Sets Revealed.

There was quite a limited number of LEGO Classic sets that were released this year, and LEGO seems to have plans of revving things up for this theme come early 2017. This year only saw the release of three LEGO Classic sets, with the Creative Brick Box (10654), Creative Building Set (10702), and Creative Building Basket (10705). However, LEGO seems to intend to expand this line further with four new Classic sets, with two more sets waiting to be revealed. Though the LEGO Classic theme is rather uninteresting in terms of design options (perhaps from an AFOL’s point of view), younger builders may still have fun with these sets that features three separate builds each. It was also nice of LEGO to have these sets available for separate purchase which is kind of cost-effective, though it certainly limits the build options that one may think of. As their names suggest, each of the new LEGO Classic sets is offered in a specific color scheme that comes with at least three pre-determined build suggestions.


Blue Creative Box (10706) 


Red Creative Box (10707)



Green Creative Box (10708)



Orange Creative Box (10709)



Similarly, we also have two additional LEGO Creator sets lined up for release next year – the Exploration Robots (31062) and Seaplane Adventures (31064).


Exploration Robots (31062)



Seaplane Adventures (31064)



Credit goes to Brickset for these images.

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