LEGO Disney Castle Selling Out Fast!

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As I’m sure many of you now know, the Disney Castle set first revealed back in July 2016 is now available to the public.

This set has proven to be a huge deal in the media, with many news outlets completely unrelated to LEGO covering it in detail, which makes sense due to the immense appeal of such an iconic image being made into LEGO.

That being said, perhaps the hype for this set was a little too extreme, as the product is already out of stock on the US LEGO Shop Online:

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Whilst the castle is still available in the UK, you might have to go and visit the local LEGO Store directly if you hope to grab one of these over in the US, and even that seems unlikely as there’s many reports of the set being sold out in stores as well. What with this being a LEGO Exclusive I wouldn’t expect to find it in any other retail stores either…

Of course, the secondary market is also a possibility (sites such as eBay could be a viable option for getting the set) but the castle will be well above the retail price if so.

That being said, I’m sure that LEGO will very soon have the set back in stock, but we’ll have to wait and see how long that takes.

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Perhaps you guys are a little too popular…

This shows that the set really is immensely popular due to the press it has gathered, and I’m sure LEGO would prefer to not have enough that have them ligning the shelves with no-one buying them!

Keep an eye out on LEGO Shop Online to see when the set becomes available again.

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