LEGO Ideas TRON: Legacy (21314) Set Now Available

It’s finally here! The LEGO Ideas TRON: Legacy (21314) set is now available both in-store and online. This next LEGO Ideas set is based on Disney’s sequel to the original TRON movie released in 1982. This LEGO Ideas set comes in 230 pieces and retails for $34.99. If you’re planning to get one for you and a friend, I suggest that you make purchase in a LEGO store nearest you, since LEGO Shop@Home only limits one set per purchase which is quite a damper considering that they usually allow up to 2 purchases per set. In any case, check out this cool designer video about this set, and click here for its complete product description/press release.

If you’re eyeing on this set and you have this ticked out as a Day 1 purchase, be sure to do your purchase today if you wish to grab hold of the LEGO Seasonal Iconic Easter (5005249) minifigure set. Today marks the last day of this LEGO store promotional, and as far as LEGO Shop@Home is concerned, the Iconic Easter minifigure still appears in my online shopping bag which is a good thing, suggesting that the minifigure is still available.

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