LEGO Ideas Voltron (21311) May Be The Most Expensive LEGO Ideas Set That You’ll Buy

For most AFOLs, LEGO may have seemingly bombed at the New York Toy Fair in terms of the relatively disappointing reveals that they had over at their booth, but it doesn’t mean that LEGO news isn’t getting more and more exciting. Though LEGO has already announced or teased on the arrival of the LEGO Ideas TRON: Legacy Lightcyle (21314) sometime next month, there is still one particular set that LEGO has completely placed under wraps for a considerable time now. Though it was quite disappointing not to see the much awaited LEGO Ideas Voltron (21311) set at the NYTF, it looks like we virtually have our piece of relevant information about this upcoming set.

4633439 Voltron Defender of the Univese

It only took two weeks before Lendy Tayag (who goes by len_d69 over at LEGO Ideas) to garner the necessary 10K votes in 2016 for his then LEGO Ideas Voltron project, but the journey of becoming an official LEGO set – from the LEGO Ideas Design Team and eventually on store shelves later on -took almost 2 years. I remember how excited I was upon hearing that this project was eventually announced as the next LEGO Ideas last August. However, the long wait seems to be harrowing, especially considering the fact that it was preceded by three other LEGO Ideas sets: the Women of NASA (21312), the Ship in a Bottle (21313) and TRON: Legacy Lightcycle (21314) – an indication that there were some significant road bumps along the way that delayed the release of LEGO Ideas Voltron. Some rumors suggest that it was because of licensing issues, while others hint on the technical refinements needed to make the set sturdier and more articulated. Needless to say, there was, at a certain point, a cloud of doubt whether the set will still see the light of day among LEGO stores.

LEGO Ideas Volron

However, a rumor is now circulating over LEGO forums that seem to suggest that the wait might be finally over. Reddit user IAMXX has disclosed that LEGO Store inventories have been updated (supposedly within the EU) to reflect a certain IDEAS set tagged as 21311 VOLTRON, with a price point of 179.99 Euros. That gives us a rough currency conversion of $199.99 USD, making it, if rumors are true, the most expensive LEGO Ideas set ever. If such is the case, setting aside additional cost for licensing fees, we can assume that this might also be the largest LEGO Ideas set with the most number of pieces as of to date. As of now, the title of being the largest Ideas set in terms of pieces belongs to the Old Fishing Store (21310), coming in at 2,049 pieces and retailing for $149.99 – significantly lower than the $200 price point that the LEGO Ideas Voltron is rumored to have.

Though I am aware that not all AFOLs are into Voltron, and not all will also find themselves picking up this set, I certainly feel that this next LEGO Ideas Voltron will be a sure winner and a certain hit among fans of the franchise. I for one has closely watched this set’s development since it first garnered the traction of being noticed as a LEGO Ideas Project. Now that it has been turned into an official LEGO set, the excitement of seeing this built is something that I will certainly not miss. I just hope that my wallet will not hate me for this.

Since we still have the launching of the LEGO Ideas TRON: Legacy Lightcyle (21314) next month, we can have a good guess that LEGO might be saving Voltron for a San Diego Comic Con reveal sometime in July.


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  1. Thanks for the info on this. I have been waiting for this forever and most news on it is outdated.

  2. LEGO won’t be able to make enough of these. Voltron fans are used to paying $300+ per action figure, and I’ve got 35 of them. The price point is not an issue; we’re fanatics who will buy multiple sets – one to display in robot form, and one as lions. I can’t wait, and my kid is absolutely thrilled.

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