LEGO Juniors Reveals Some of the Speeding Cast of Disney’s Cars 3.

Disney’s third instalment of its Cars franchise is set to race its way to theaters in June, and it promises a story plot that pits the iconic red lightning against a speedster that may prove to be way above his technological expertise.

Cars 3 tease

We have no official word yet from either Disney or LEGO with regards to the new characters that we will see in Cars 3 once it makes its debut on June 16. However, we may have a glimpse on what’s in store for good ‘ol Lightning McQueen, thanks to official LEGO Juniors box art images from Brickset. According to them, they have these images already for quite some time but have refrained from adding them to their database. However, upon receiving reports that the LEGO Juniors Cars 3 sets have been spotted on store shelves in a Sears Store in Mexico, they’ve decided it’s time to show these images to the world. Let’s take a look.


Lightning McQueen Speed Launcher (10730)

10730 1


Cruz Ramirez Race Simulator (10731)

10731 1


Guido and Luigi’s Pit Stop (10732)

10732 1


Mater’s Junkyard (10733)

10733 1


Willy’s Butte Speed Training (10742)

10742 1


Smokey’s Garage (10743)

10743 1


Thunder Hollow Crazy 8 Race (10744)

10744 1


I have to admit that these sets are good enough to be simply brushed off as any typical LEGO Juniors set, especially when you consider that they come with printed pieces rather than the usual sticker decals. These sets may likely appeal to older AFOLs as well. So what do you think brick fans? Can you spot some of the new characters in these LEGO Juniors sets? Disney’s Cars 3 will speed its way into theaters on June 16.



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