LEGO Mixels Will Come To An End In 2017.

It might be another piece of sad news for LEGO fans. After the recent curtain call for one of LEGO’s longest running original theme which is LEGO Bionicle, Brickset has reported that another of LEGO’s theme sets may also be axed by next year. According to Jordan Reichek, Supervising Producer for Cartoon Network, the LEGO and Cartoon Network collaboration will finally come to an end, with its last episode to premiere next month.



Though the conclusion of the Mixels TV show does not necessarily indicate or confirm that LEGO’s line of themed tribes will also be put to an end, it should be noted, however, that The LEGO Group has not offered any new series under the Mixels line after the debut of its Series 9 last February during the New York Toy Fair. Frankly speaking, the Mixels line was not as popular as compared to LEGO’s other themed sets. Perhaps due primarily to the fact that the TV series is viewed more like a comedy, slapstick kind of show, its corresponding LEGO sets were also viewed and treated similarly as a collection of weird brick-built oddities. I guess looking back, the Mixels line may have been welcomed differently by the LEGO community if they were given a different perspective or sort of ‘personality’.

mixels 2

To be fair, LEGO Mixels are one of those collectible themes that offer great value for your money. Being a price friendly brick-built collectible, it offers plenty of unique pieces that kids and AFOLs may find pretty useful. I also find its complimentary website as a very helpful springboard in encouraging young builders to explore the limitless possibilities of coming up with his/her own unique builds and have it shared with the rest of the online community. Personally, I love the fun creativity of these sets which offers the most number of options for creating your own ‘Mix’ or ‘Murp’.

mixel tribes

Like any other LEGO themes that were put to an end, we hope that the LEGO Mixels will be replaced by another equally fun, and low-cost collectible sets. We’re certain that LEGO has something in store for us so we have to wait and see a little longer.

How do you feel about this news? Are you disappointed as well? Do you think it’s a good judgment call for LEGO to pull the plug on its Mixels line? Share us your thoughts in the comments section below, or join in the discussion via our Facebook page.

5 thoughts on “LEGO Mixels Will Come To An End In 2017.”

  1. Mixels were starting to become repetitive. I think LEGO is right to axe them. There is certainly a limit to what you can create in a tiny bag of plastic pieces and the limit is showing. But, having something fun at a low price point is definitely desirable. I know we had to hurry to get our Mixels because other FANatics were out searching for them.

  2. I am gutted that mixels are leaving. I have voiced my displeasment to lego. My son has low functioning autism and mixels are his world. For him to anticipate and look forward to the new release of each series is huge but not as huge as the sheer joy they bring him (i dont get to see that very often) he sits and builds his mixels for hours and he talks to them like they are alive and they all have different voices when they “talk” back to him. In his 11 years i have never seen anything capture his attention like the mixels and he is not going to understand when i tell him no more mixels. I have spoken to a lego rep who has been most helpful to a point but sadly neither she or i could convince lego not to discontinue the mixels. I understand some people who say that mixels are repetitive and not that exciting but not only does that tick all tge boxes in my sons eyes but they are the one toy that has survived him. I am not looking forward to their departure at all.

    1. I concur, my son is obsessed with Mixels. It was a love/with us, about a month or two before they were set to release new series, it was all I heard about. Then when they were due in, and we travel for husband’s job and it is usually in rural places, it was stressful finding a store that carried them. But, oh the joy when we found them and my son was the happiest kid in the world and the joy would last for weeks or months. But heaven forbid if he would set it down and forget it (he also carries around a tablet) or loses a piece, then all hell breaks loose.
      My son is convinced that series 10 is still coming out March 2017…it’s March 1st, my God this going to be a long month!

  3. I feel your pain and disappointment Fiona. My 5 year old and 7 year old are crazy about them. We do Mixel charrades quizzes every night before bed. They’ve invented their own tribes. We’ve drawn and coloured in every Mixel and every max and covered their walls with those drawings. They go crazy in the store when the new series are available. This sucks. Too early to pull the plug Lego. My boys even get excited about when they will release other members of an already existing tribe. Maybe there’s a way you can get your son to invent his own tribes and builds? Sounds like a great kid.

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