LEGO Star Wars U-Wing Fighter 30496 Polybag Spotted.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is still going strong in theaters with its performance in the local and international box office now almost topping at $300 million USD since its opening last Friday. Though generally considered as a spin-off, LEGO understands very well how big Rogue One is going to be, with its intriguing storyline, and all new characters, creatures, terrestrial vehicles and starships. Now that the LEGO Rogue One sets have been revealed, it comes as a pleasant surprise that LEGO has thrown in a polybag to mark the success of the film. Thanks from an anonymous tip from a certain Reddit user, it seems that we will have our very first LEGO Rogue One polybag anytime soon.

According to Promo Bricks, the LEGO Star Wars U-Wing Fighter (30496) polybag has been reportedly spotted in LEGOLAND California. We’re not sure as of the moment if this is a LEGOLAND exclusive, or if it will make its way soon as a LEGO Store promotional. Coming in at 55 pieces, this replica of the much larger Rebel U-Wing Fighter (75155) features the Rebel Alliance starfighter in its landing and take-off form. You may also want to check out Stephen’s review of set 75155 right here.

lego starwars poly 30496 lego starwars poly 30496 02

As a gunship and troop transport, the Rebel U-Wing Fighter played a very crucial role in the Rebellion’s fight in obtaining the blueprints of the Death Star. It is only but fitting that it gets the LEGO treatment, whether in a form of a large set or even a polybag. Interestingly, the U-Wing is one of the starships featured in Rogue One that LEGO first promoted during the second half of this year, and perhaps not-so-coincidentally, is also the first Rogue One vehicle to have a polybag version.  We’ll keep you posted regarding this piece of news as more info comes in, so be sure to keep tabs with us here at the Brick Show.


Thanks to Promo Bricks for the heads up.

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