LEGO Teases On The Arrival of Its Most Complex Ideas Set – The LEGO Apollo 11 Saturn V.

At the start of this month, LEGO gave us a teaser on what to expect from its second upcoming LEGO Ideas set for 2017. Based on NASA’s iconic Apollo 11, the next Ideas set slated for release this June is said to be the largest, most complex build that the Ideas Review Team has ever designed. The partial image alone gives us a hint on the sheer size of this build. According to Hasan Jensen,

Apollo 11 Saturn V
LEGO designers, Carl and Mike, have been hard at work on what is the most complex LEGO Ideas set we’ve ever approved! We’ve finalised the model design but there’s still plenty to do before this rocket is ready for lift-off!

lego ideas saturnv 2 5

Earlier today, LEGO gives another clue via its Twitter page on what we could further expect from Ideas fan designer Felix Stiessen (aka saabfan) and his LEGO Ideas Apollo 11 Saturn V set. In this image, we see a portion of a brick-built Lunar Lander in a gray and gold color scheme that has just landed on the lunar surface. We also get to see a silhouette of an astronaut minifigure – borrowing heavily from Neil Armstrong’s words – ready to make that one small step for LEGO bricks.

If you recall, the original project submitted by Felix Stiessen shows the whole LEGO Apollo II to about 1 meter high and made up of 1,179 bricks. It also packs a ton of play feature since the set is meant to be modular in a sense because of its detachable rocket stages, including the Apollo spacecraft itself, the Lunar Lander and Lunar Orbiter.

ideas apollo 11 lego ideas saturnv 2 3 lego ideas saturnv 2 2 lego ideas saturnv 2 4 lego ideas saturnv 2 1

After some revisions done by the LEGO Ideas Design Team, and considering what LEGO teases about the set’s final version, then we can confidently say that this may perhaps, be the biggest Ideas set that the LEGO designers team have come up with. LEGO promises to give more updates on this exciting set, so stay tuned.


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