LEGO Worlds Introduces an Exclusive, PS4 LEGO Agents Pack.

Agent Chase McCain seems to be a getting a lot of screen time lately. With the upcoming release of LEGO City Undercover, it seems that we’ll be seeing the highly celebrated agent earlier than expected. Sony Playstation has announced an exclusive LEGO Worlds expansion pack that features Agent Chase alongside Agent Trace, in a brand new mission within the digital toybox world of bricks. Though the release date of LEGO Worlds has been pushed back a few weeks ahead of its official announcement (which caused a bit of disappointment among LEGO gaming fans), Warner Bros. Entertainment is still vouching on the game’s positive reception, so much so that it announced the release of a Playstation 4 exclusive Agents Pack just in time of the game’s release on March 7. Other than the fearless duo of Agents Chase and Trace, the LEGO Worlds Agent Pack also features the nefarious Dr. Inferno and Dyna-Mite. Check the video below.

LEGO Worlds Agent Pacj

“Are you ready for your mission? We are taking a selection of your favorite Agents heroes, villains, vehicles and weapons, and placing them directly into your Worlds. Create, discover, explore and go on new adventures together with your friends as you create your own secret agent missions, take action in cool new vehicles, and thwart the plans of the evil mastermind Dr. Inferno!”

LEGO Worlds is now available for pre-order and is available across major gaming platforms including the Nintendo Switch and retails at $29.99, while the LEGO Worlds Agents Pack is exclusively available for the PlayStation 4.


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