LEGO’s October Deals Are Now Up!

October is here and for most of us, this means that our Christmas wish list is starting to take shape – or longer for that matter. That’s why starting this month, LEGO has prepped its own list of holiday gift suggestions starting with several new sets for LEGO fans of all ages. It gets better if you’re a VIP member because the whole month of October allows you to earn Double VIP points, PLUS you’ll get a free LEGO Holiday Countdown Calendar (40222) once your purchase reaches $99 and above. This free exclusive is available from October 1-25 or while supplies last.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what LEGO has to offer starting this month. First off, we have the LEGO Creator Winter Holiday Train (10254) for that added yuletide fun around the Christmas tree. With a full circle track and an optional LEGO Power Function motor, you can animate it to give more life to that little Christmas corner in your home.

10254_box1_v39 10254_Back_03


Up next, legion of LEGO Star Wars fans gets another shot of owning the iconic Imperial superweapon with the rehashed LEGO Star Wars Death Star (75159). Though the said UCS wasn’t welcomed with a red carpet and rave reviews, it gradually climbed its way towards the must-have list of LEGO Star Wars collectors, particularly to those who missed out on the 2008 LEGO Star War Death Star (10188). The upcoming Star Wars anthology film, Rogue One, may also have been instrumental on the renewed interest in the brick-built planetary weapon. If you’re planning to invest in this latest LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series, you may want to check out first Stephen’s review below.

75159_box1_v39 75159-1


Similarly, LEGO has launched eight new sets to celebrate the latest Star Wars film. Debuting to the general public during last week’s Force Friday, the LEGO Star Wars Rogue One sets consists of five new vehicles and three buildable figures. Though the launch of these sets are not without some issues, particularly via, they were welcomed positively by the LEGO community. They are now available at LEGO Brand Stores and online to make a perfect holiday gift for any Padawan or Jedi at heart. You may want to check out our reviews over at YouTube to see the various play features of these sets.



For the sporty gear head in the family, you may want to pick up the newest LEGO Ideas Caterham Seven 620R (21307) that highlight the venerable British sports car. This fan-submitted LEGO Ideas project is truly spot-on, with all the details and decals similar to that of the legendary speedster. It is now available at retailing at $79.99.



Though it started well in 2014, it’s eventually a curtain call for the crazy and wacky bunch of the LEGO Mixels after Cartoon Network announced that the said collaboration with LEGO will finally come to an end next year. Airing its final episode last month over at Cartoon Network, LEGO has now released the presumably last series of its themed tribe characters, showcasing the Trashoz, Nindjas, and Newzers. We don’t know until when this zany bunch of Series 9 characters will still be up until they are retired, and we sincerely hope that LEGO has a grand plan under its sleeve to somehow ease the disappointment of some kids and fans that will be missing these mixing and murphing bunch of oddities.




Finally, LEGO’s latest offering in its toys-to-life theme is now available. LEGO Dimensions Series 2, also known as Wave 6, is now up at all LEGO Brand Stores and online. Featuring a bigger, and wider selection coming from all 16 licenses and names, we can expect plenty of new characters to enter the LEGO Dimensions portal anytime soon. Click on the links below to know more about the deals and offers from both and Wildcard Toys.


Ghostbusters Story Pack (71242); / Wild Card Toys



Adventure Time Level Pack (71245);



Adventure Time Team Pack (71246); / Wild Card Toys



Harry Potter Team Pack (71247); / Wild Card Toys



Mission Impossible Level Pack (71248); / Wild Card Toys




A-Team Fun Pack (71251); / Wild Card Toys




Are you excited for these upcoming sets this month? What tops your LEGO Christmas wish list? Share us what you think in the comments below!

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