How Accurate Are The Age Of Ultron Sets?

It is common knowledge with Lego Marvel fans that The Lego Group aren’t best known for their screen accuracy…I’m looking at you Iron Man 3. That said, they have hit both ends of the spectrum, with the original Avengers sets and recent Guardians of the Galaxy sets being pretty spot on. So, now we must ask a new question ; just how accurate are the Avengers : Age Of Ultron sets?


#1 Iron Man Vs Ultron


So where to begin…Well lets start with how excellent the figures are. The Mark 45 is very accurate  and a nice new addition to the Iron Legion. The sentries are also great, appearing throughout the film and with the new head mold being used to finish off the Ultron Prime figure, they really are brilliant. But, what is that vehicle…

It is so far from being accurate it might as well be a DC vehicle. Seriously, what is that?! It never appears in any part of the film, and the drones certainly don’t combine to form one! They literally made this vehicle simply because they had to, as Ultron has no vehicles in the film…       6/10

#2 The Avengers Hydra Showdown



This set, however, is quite accurate indeed, which I honestly didn’t expect. Thor and Hawkeye are accurate as expected, although a Qui-Gon hair style for Thor would of suited his new look a bit better. The henchman is also suprisingly spot-on, and resembles their on-screen counterparts, unlike the extremis figures from 2013. The Avengers jeep is also seen on screen with something resembling the Hydra buggy also being shown. All in all, quite well done.        8.5/10

#3 The Hulk Buster Smash



Yet another set that has presented us with a ton of screen accuracies. The MK 44 ‘Veronica’ Armour is obviously not to scale, but is at least highly detailed and rather uncanny. Surprisingly, the odd-looking contraption that the Hulk is held in does appear on screen, although does look slightly different. The implication of Scarlet Witch controlling him is also correct, and even though Ultron does not appear in this scene, the design of him is perfect.      8/10

#4 The Hydra Fortress Smash



Now despite the hideous price point, this set is also reasonably accurate; the tank may not be the correct colour but the shape and size is good enough. Stucker’s suit it the wrong colour, but that is really a minor issue. The new Captain America is very well done, although the odd looking face does detract from the overall look. Quicksilver wears a different outfit at this point in the film but again, minor nitpick. The new gem in the end of the sceptre is a more accurate resemblance than the original design, and since the fortress is so large in the film there’s a chance that there’s a get somewhere which looks like this….     7.5 / 10

#5 Attack On Avengers Tower


This set is one of the most accurate in my opinion. The balcony obviously can’t fit the Quinjet on it like in the movie, but the lounge area, sceptre storage room, Ultron Progam screens and Iron Legion docking room all appear in the film, and the drones and Ultron Mk 1 are very well designed. The Avengers’ outfits are way off, but it does mean that these figures are easier to obtain.       8.5/10

#6 The Avengers Quinjet Chase



Ok, now this set is near perfect. I honestly didn’t expect this, but the whole ‘The vision needs to be rescued from a truck that’s controlled by Ultron and he’s in this weird cradle device” is, well, exactly what happens in the movie! And he is rescued with the jet! And the bike does come out the bottom! And Ultron is on top of the truck fighting Catpain America! And the design of the jet is also perfect!     10/10

Overall rating for entire line : 8.8/10!


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