MOC Monday! Vote for Best LEGO MOC at Brick Universe 2015

This past weekend we spent time at Brick Universe as a vendor and also there to display our favorite LEGO sets from our collection. We got to meet a ton of our audience (you all are the best!) and also select the best LEGO MOCs on display. So for this week’s MOC Monday we ask for you to vote for the best.


1. TRON Solar Sailer

2. CVF-104 Aircraft Carrier

3. Phoenix

4. Gamma

5. Makuta Luroka

6. Marvel Civil War


8. PNC Park

9. Portland Fire Museum

10. Manhattan Bridge

11. Brookyln “Building on Bond” Restaurant

12. Flower Garden House

10 thoughts on “MOC Monday! Vote for Best LEGO MOC at Brick Universe 2015”

  1. Manhattan bridge! It was massive! Thanks Jason and team for this video. I had a lot of fun meeting the coolest team on this planet on Saturday! Brickshow -You guys rock ! Keep up the phenomenal work you do everyday for fans like me.

    1. The BZP and Bionilug Bionicle stuff that Andrew brought in was pretty cool too, as well as the highly detailed Kopaka by Spencer Rollins, that looked like a museum quality piece. I put my vote on the Makuta Laroka for the Brick Show Nominees, it looks very fitting for the Bionicle universe, if you look carefully you can see on top of looking good, it’s very well articulated. I also got to see some neat details from behind that the camera didn’t show XP

  2. I really liked the civil war MOC, but that wasn`t much of a build, the minifigures were good and everything, It`s just that I think that there was more effort put into the manhattan bridge.

  3. same here marvel civil war moc because there was alot of detail in it and it had characters and everything

  4. I was about to go for civil war, but like ‘LegoCPfilms’ said, It is more about the minifigures.

    So I decided to go for the Aircraft carrier! I like it because of the cool techniques, and tiles, and slopes, and that it’s all about the build!:-)

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