New Crime Waves World Hubs Revealed In LEGO The Incredibles Video Game

After the official unveiling of the very first Disney Pixar/LEGO video game last week, we now have some particularly interesting details that set the LEGO Incredibles 2 video game apart from other LEGO game titles. The Insider managed to land an interview with TT Games Executive Producer Nick Ricks, where the latter revealed some pretty interesting gameplay that will not just involve the Parr family, but also an expansive array of other characters as well.

Ricks tells Insider that the development of the LEGO Incredibles 2 video game had begun since early 2016, with close collaboration with Disney Pixar to make sure that the characters and story remain true to the original.

“This collaboration certainly comes through strongly with the innovations we’ve made in the characters designs and abilities, along with ensuring the dialogue, scene selection and camera work are some of the best that I’ve ever seen. On top of this we have a massive open-world hub, filled with crime lords that must be cleaned up, all new ways to build immense Lego structures and focus on the Parr family’s collaborative crime-fighting results.”.

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Ricks also disclosed that the upcoming game will also feature a ‘massive open-world hub’ which they refer to as ‘crime waves’. He really cannot say if this LEGO Incredibles 2 world hub will be as immense as that of LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2, but what is interesting is the potential scope and game play that this world hub will feature. For sure, locations like Municiberg and Syndrome’s Nomanisan Island will be referred to as well.

Alongside the narratives of both films, we’ve crammed our world full of the challenges and puzzles players have come to expect, and added something new; crime waves. In these sections, our massive hub world has been sub-divided in to a series of districts, each under the dominion of an infamous crime lord. The players will need to use the family’s differing and unique crime-fighting styles to defeat the goons, confront the lords, and bring law and order to all.”

Other than confirming that material and storylines from both films will be featured in LEGO Incredibles 2, the game becomes more engaging with the several challenges and puzzles that will be included in its massive world hub. Without giving too much spoilers about the upcoming sequel, Rick confirmed that a host of playable characters will be available other than the titular members of the Parr family. I can just imagine a host of Supers that were briefly showed in the first film getting their own digital LEGO minifigure versions.

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The Crime Waves sections are something to look to forward to, and we still yet to see if LEGO Incredibles 2 will be as expansive as that of TT Games’ LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2. In any case, this one LEGO video game title that we will watch out for just in time with the film’s theatrical release on June 15. If you’re excited about this game as much as we are, then here’s the game’s official trailer once again. You can also pre-order your copy depending on your preferred platform.



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