New Set Photos For, Well, Most Themes!

Ok. Allow me to make something perfectly clear, right here right now. Doing a Brick Show News segment on set photos is quite simple – a bit of filming, some HD pictures, reasonable editing and bang! Video. But doing an article on them is different. Because articles are supposed to be long. And well, there is only so much you can physically write down about, well, pictures. I could go through what the pictures show, but well, it’s pretty obvious.

For interesting bits about sets that may be talking points (such as whether or not these new Bionicle villain characters are just the heroes after being latched onto by the skull spiders) are still tricky  to write about, because as seen above, these opinions don’t really fill a lot space…So, whenever set pictures come out, you can basically expect me to post them and scamper. Because, well, I can’t do much else.

So here they are, from the fine folks over at Brickset!

Star Wars

Facebook-20150425-121558 Facebook-20150425-121602 Facebook-20150425-121550 Facebook-20150425-121544 Facebook-20150425-121609 Facebook-20150425-121615


Personally, I feel this Star Wars wave is a little weak ; the sets seem to be of a moderate  standard, in particular the Imperial Shuttle and Assault Carrier, but with The Force Awakens coming up, I’m much more keen to see photos of those sets…


70792-1 (1) 70793-1 (1)  70794-1 (1)70795-1 (1)


As mentioned above, the fact that the golden masks of the heroes are included in these sets could suggest 2 things to me ; these are the Heroes turned Villains by skull spiders or these are their significant others, of  which have defeated the Toa and taken their masks.

Super Heroes

Facebook-20150425-121624 Facebook-20150425-121628 Facebook-20150425-121632 Facebook-20150425-121638 Facebook-20150425-121643 Facebook-20150425-121619Ant man Ant man2


I am, unlike the SW line, very much looking forward to these new Super Heroes sets. I’m not a big collector of DC (and the JokerLand price is ridiculous), but I’m dying to get my hands on that Ant-man set!


70730-1 70731-1 70740-1 70742-1


This is just a selection of the NinjaGo images, due to my computer acting weird, but these images do capture the atmosphere of the wave for me — exactly the same thing again. I’m sorry, but personally I find LEGO’s own themes becoming very repetitive nowadays….


So, what do you think of all these new sets? I find them all to have their moments, but no matter how much is crammed into these other lines, I still need that Ant-Man Figure….


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