Official Images of LEGO City Outdoor Adventures (60202) Revealed

It was like only just this weekend when LEGO gave a lot of (freezing) cool love to its City lineup when it released the official images for a subtheme in the Arctic. You might recall there were seven LEGO City Arctic sets there (60190-60196) to build a polar base.

60202 9

But if you happen to like any other location than the freezing topmost north for your LEGO City-building, then perhaps this alternative will be to your liking. There’s another LEGO City set coming our way that trades the frigid Arctic for the Outdoors: LEGO City People Pack – Outdoor Adventures (60202).

60202 3

60202 2

As with most of the reveals that happened over the weekend, this news came from another outside source, a Sarajevo store certified for LEGO. For only 164 pieces and 13 (plus one baby) minifigures, you can recreate a sweet nature park with a variety of activities with some video documentation.

60202 7 60202 6

By that we mean Outdoor Adventures (60202) comes with a sports camera and a mobile phone with selfie stick. That’s not to mention some new additions like a differently-colored mountain bike and redesigned optional life jackets. Oh, and who can resist a little LEGO tile that depicts a fried egg?

60202 1

60202 5

Now, aside from the knowledge that LEGO City 60202 exists, we have yet no idea when it’ll be announced for anywhere outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the moment. Hopefully we’ll get more international updates on this LEGO City People Pack, so it won’t be left behind by the Arctic.

60202 4

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