Promo Image in LEGO Incredibles Sets’ Building Instructions Confirm Videogame Rumors for 2018

There’s still a few months left before Incredibles 2, sequel to the 2004 3D-animated superhero film from Disney-Pixar, comes into cinemas. While we wait however, the merchandising is in full swing, especially from LEGO with its various tie-in sets announced back in the New York Toy Fair. But there’s more.

Apparently those who already have gotten the LEGO Incredibles sets found a very interesting tidbit printed at the back of their building instruction sheets. This may well be official confirmation that there’s going to be a LEGO Incredibles videogame coming later this year. The rumors have been circulating since January.

The promotional image from the set instruction sheets (shown above) also lists down all the platforms the LEGO Incredibles videogame will be released for. Much like any recent LEGO game from WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales, it’ll be available on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Sony PS4.

Apart from this teaser, there is no further information about the LEGO Incredibles videogame like a release date (as most LEGO videogames run almost under the same gameplay mechanics anyway). It’s interesting to note however, that The Incredibles is the first Pixar property to be given a standalone LEGO game adaptation.

Author: Albert Balanza

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