Rumor of Possible One-Retailer Exclusivity for LEGO Overwatch Sets in UK

banner lego overwatch minisite

It’s only a matter of time now before LEGO news breaks out all the nitty-gritty info to be had about LEGO Overwatch, a new licensed franchise line of tie-in sets and minifigures for the hit FPS videogame by Blizzard Entertainment. No less than two fan events in Europe and Asia will be covering that big reveal this week after all.

We can expect LEGO Overwatch sets, when they do come, to be available wherever LEGO is available in the world. However there’s one rumor – probably close to fact – that seems to limit available venues to buy these in the UK.

Several LEGO product lines in the past have been exclusively available only on specific retail chains in the UK (outside of LEGO Stores and For instance, the last releases of Nexo Knights are only on John Lewis while Unikitty! products are exclusive to Tesco. LEGO Overwatch apparently will be shared between UK LEGO Stores and one other retail chain of choice, and nowhere else.

LEGO Overwatch Minifigures

That does narrow down the places where Overwatch fans in the UK can check out the game’s LEGO tie-ins. Now, granted, this is only rumor thus far; but with the first official reveals coming so very soon we’ll have confirmation (or otherwise) about this matter.

The new LEGO Overwatch sets are expected to debut sometime in early 2019, as a herald of sorts for what may be an Overwatch 3D-animated series or movie on Netflix.

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