SPOTTED: LEGO Wizarding World Fantastic Beasts Newt’s Suitcase (75952) First Image

With a new film set in JK Rowling’s Wizarding World coming towards the end of this year, Warner Bros. is ramping up the promotion of this seminal modern fantasy genre with plenty of merchandising collaborations. Among them is LEGO with its numerous Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter sets lined up.

One of the sets announced for the Fantastic Beasts lineup was one for a prominent (but inanimate) object present in the first film from 2016: the “bigger on the inside” suitcase of wizard magi-zoologist Newt Scamander. After almost two months of waiting, we finally have images of this LEGO set.

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Thanks should be extended to LEGO Denmark, which has released a catalog detailing sets coming in the latter half of 2018, including Newt’s Suitcase (set number 75952) for the Fantastic Beasts wave in the larger Wizarding World sub-brand. It’s a location play-set that comes in a compact luggage carrying form.

But take Newt’s Suitcase (75952) apart and you can reconstruct the interior which is practically a menagerie/animal shelter for all the magical creatures found and cared for by Newt. In this set you can find the brick versions of the Erumpent, Occamy, the Thunderbird and that mischievous Niffler. Newt himself is accompanied by his Muggle buddy Jacob and MACUSA witch-sisters Tina and Queenie, all as minifigures.

According to the Danish LEGO catalog, set 75952 of LEGO’s Wizarding World series will cost 449,00 krone, or just about $70.53 once it comes stateside. Once again, we’ll have to wait until we get a date for its US release.

UPDATE: It looks like LEGO has revealed this a little too soon since the link to their digital Danish catalog is no longer working.

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