Take A Look At LEGO City’s First 2017 Official Set Images.

It seems that LEGO has plenty more in store for us this coming 2017. If you recall, we mentioned in a previous post that there is more than 150 new sets rumored to be released by TLG next year. Hailing from different themes, this is one big year for LEGO. Now, thanks to Hoth Bricks, we now have our official images of the sets that will debut in 2017 under the LEGO City theme. As you will notice, these first LEGO City sets for 2017 will focus more on the cops and robbers theme,  with plenty more reveals lined up. Brickset has already updated its database to include more than 30 sets for LEGO City’s next sets, particularly on the ‘Great Vehicles’ range.


LEGO City ATV Arrest (60135)

60135 60135-1


LEGO City Police Starter Set (60136)

 60136 60136-1


LEGO City Tow Truck Trouble (60137)

60137 60137-1


LEGO City High-speed Chase (60138)

60138 60138-1


LEGO City Mobile Command Center (60139)

60139 60139-1


LEGO City Bulldozer Break-In (60140)

60140 60140-1


LEGO City Police Station (60141)

60141 60141-1


LEGO City Auto Transport Heist (60143)

60143 60143-1

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