The LEGO Batman Movie Batgirl Polybag 30612 Is A Target Exclusive.

The LEGO Batman Movie is still going strong in theaters both in the US and across the globe, and that means we can still expect some bit of treats and surprises from LEGO in the form of another polybag promotion. Brickset has posted a rather grainy image of the Batgirl minifigure polybag (30612) and now we might have an idea on how to get it.

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If you noticed, Rosario Dawson’s crime-fighting femme fatale in minifig form is available in three TLBM different sets: Catwoman Catcyle Chase (70902), The Joker Notorious Lowrider (70906), and The Ultimate Batmobile (70917). LEGO’s latest polybag offering under the theme is virtually identical with all these minifigure version of the Batgirl.


So what makes the polybag exceptional in its own right? As pointed out by Minifigure Price Guide, the LEGO Batman Movie Batgirl polybag features a headpiece with a different facial expression. Though it’s hard to notice it based on the polybag image above, the set itself is already listed under LEGO’s replacement service.

batgirl minihead 2 batgirl minihead

I know for most of you, this promotional may be a bit underwhelming if you have already fancied yourself of buying any of the sets that were mentioned above, but if you have a bad case of TLBM fever specially after seeing the film, then you will be glad to know that this Batgirl polybag may come as a freebie bundled with the Blu-Ray/DVD/HD home version of The LEGO Batman Movie, which will be exclusively offered at Target stores as reported by The Brick Fan. The site posted an image to support that gives a hint on the promotional.

batgirl target offering

We don’t know yet when the film will be out in DVD and Blu-ray (perhaps sometime in June?), but a listing on Target’s website already offers The LEGO Batman Movie for pre-order, while Best Buy offers it at $19.99 for the DVD and $24.99 for Blu-ray and Digital HD. Since most of us will probably add TLBM in our video collection, it is surely nice if LEGO will reconsider throwing in the Batgirl minifigure polybag along with other retailers.

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