The LEGO Disney Castle (71040) and LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V (21309) Now Back at LEGO Shop@Home.

Two of the most sought after, gargantuan LEGO sets are now back at – but you have to be quick though, since you know how these things turn out eventually. 2016’s largest set – the LEGO Disney Castle (71040), and the brick buster of an Ideas set, the LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V (21309) – are both back for retail over at The Disney Castle (71040) comes in as a direct-to-consumer set which, like any D2C set, can prove to be very popular. In fact, the LEGO Disney Castle managed to bag the Specialty Toy of the Year awarded by the Toy Industry Association Inc. Click on the image below to head over at’s page for the LEGO Disney Castle (71040).


The availability of the LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V (21309) set was a kind of a roller coaster ride last year. Since its initial debut in June last year, it only took just a little over a month before supplies of this highly popular set started to dwindle. The frustration of not getting this aesthetically lovely set has been sharply felt by the LEGO Group that it prompted them to release an official statement regarding Saturn V’s availability and to finally put to rest rumors regarding its untimely retirement. If you have missed out on the opportunity of owning this set when it was first released almost a year ago, now is the best time to place your order. Similarly, click on the image below to go to LEGO’s online store and see if you can still bag this beauty.

21309 alt1

Again, I couldn’t help but underscore the need for you to act fast since these sets may once again be temporarily out of stock anytime soon. Currently as of this posting, both the LEGO Disney Castle and Saturn V sets are on backorders, and will be expected to ship in February 25. In fact, you’ll have a better chance of bringing these sets home than the still out of stock, UCS Millennium Falcon (75192).  Alternatively, you may want to check out on Amazon, though the prices may not be as friendly though.

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