“Unikitty” Animated Series Premiering This Monday on Cartoon Network UK

The Unikitty! animated series has been airing on Cartoon Network for quite a while now, with the program officially starting on January after the advance release of several mini-episode previews. This of course means Cartoon Network in the US, with CN Latin America only premiering Unikitty! in their program February.

Fans on the other side of the Atlantic of the near-bipolar cat-unicorn Master Builder and Princess of the Unikingdom, who first appeared in 2014’s The LEGO Movie, won’t have long to wait for her. Cartoon Network UK will be premiering Unikitty! on their own programming block this Monday, March 5.

As many fans already know, the series focuses on Unikitty and the happenings during her rule of the Unikingdom, both good things and bad. (Though if it’s the latter, watch out for the Princess’ temper!) Assisting her in ruling the realm are her dog-unicorn little brother Puppycorn, court scientist Dr. Fox and royal guard Hawkodile.

This animated series comes at just about the same time as the wave of Unikitty LEGO products, from collectible minifigures to full-on sets, that are set to debut this summer. Speaking of debuts, Unikitty! the series has yet to premiere in Teletoon Canada (March 17) as well as Cartoon Network Australia, this coming April 27.

Author: Albert Balanza

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