Walmart To Offer LEGO 60th Anniversary Vintage Brick Sets.

2018 is the year to give thanks for six decades of LEGO; that’s in case you’ve forgotten. The LEGO Group, of course, is churning out one celebratory gesture after another. A 60-years Commemorative Set (40290)? Check. A special event at The Home of the Brick in Billund? Check, too.

But LEGO hasn’t even begun to bring out the sum total of their retro sets. Here’s a series of classic oldies that are going to be exclusive stock at Walmart. And when I say oldies I mean old, with the retro packaging and the most basic construction imaginable. Here are the first three announced.

4000028 1

First is the pretty basic and elementary House (4000028) set, all slim and perfect background material for any LEGO neighborhood setting, even if minifigures look quite large next to it.

4000029 1

Next is about a step up in complexity from the House (4000028) but still an iconic build: the Windmill (4000029).  It technically has two floors and bright red blades, easy to get an observer’s attention. Both this and set 4000028 will be exclusively available at Walmart for just $19.99 a box.


There’s more though. As part of LEGO’s longtime retail partnership with Walmart, they’re offering this sweet promo. After buying the Bricks on a Roll (10715) retro pack shown above, a collector needs only to log on to the special anniversary website, upload a scan of their Walmart receipt for set 10715, and LEGO will send over a free collectible LEGO Booklet as well as building instructions for Bricks on a Roll in retro-style.

There’s no specification if online Walmart purchases count, or even if the promo has a deadline, but we’ll keep you updated, as always.

5 thoughts on “Walmart To Offer LEGO 60th Anniversary Vintage Brick Sets.”

  1. “How to Participate

    Purchase the LEGO® Classic Bricks on a Roll set at Walmart, or”

    When you start to go through the process, the above message is displayed

  2. I bought it and I should have the retro instructions on way. It’s been a while, and I still haven’t gotten it in the mail 🙁
    Anyone else receive theirs yet?

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